Under the stars

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Your POV :
He was silent somewhere pre-occupied with his thoughts. I loosed my mom and my dad. I Don't have anyone. I can't go back to the happiest times never ever again. No one trusts me on my dreams, well even who knows them. I wanna find him but idk who's he. That day who was he?

I feel empty ,my emotions  tears, hardships my pain is random and I'm lost within my lonely world.

Right now I'm sitting in this park, not everything happened here but feels like my half of the life is here cuz maybe I don't have home now. Every house isn't a home.
I want my mom! I want my dad! How can they leave me like this? Isolated ,lonely in this dark world.


I heard someone coughing badly n realized again that I'm not alone here, he was with me in the park, park chanyeol.
I saw him and he was feeling cold, I then realized he isn't wearing his jacket but I was. He realized I was looking at him.

I quickly removed his jacket from my body n gave him. Without speaking a single word  , I don't feel like I should speak. I feel like I never learned how to speak.

"take this, I'm fine. U were feeling cold earlier when u slept " he said

Did I slept? I realized what time It was already. The sun was gone and we were sitting on the grass under the Stars.

"hmm " I said and didn't argue with him. I checked time I was 10 at night.

"let's lay down and cherish the sky today, see the stars are so clear sparkling today " he said

And made me lay down with his arms as my pillow.

I don't know why I didn't felt awkward. Now I was lying on the grass in a lonely park with someone who I really don't understand and I was lying in his arms quietly watching the stars. Maybe I was just broken that much.

But why he's with me even? Why he seems to care or it's just sympathy? When my parents left me, hanuel is far, JinShi turns liar, Jimin is a cheater, Mark and Johnny don't trust me and Yuta don't even now calls me. Why it's just him who's always with me? No matter in a bad or good way he's around me from the 1st day of school as a bully as a..........  I don't who.. But why? Wae? Whhyyy?

"why? " I finally spoke

"what? " he turned his head towards me and our faces were so close as I was lying on his arms.

"why ur here with me? " I asked

"cuz I........................
I'm responsible for you " he said

"why YOU r responsible for me" I said

"for the sake of humanity " he said

"ohhhhh.... " I said and turned back

Why I feel dissapointed? Was I expecting some other answer!
Why I feel so comfortable with him. I just can't take my mixed emotions anymore.

I didn't realized when I started crying.

"hey, don't cry everything will be fine " he said

"I.. I.. WA.. Wanna go home " I cried, I missed my home it's been a long time.

"OK let's go" he said and it suddenly it started raining and he quickly picked me bridal style. And ran towards his car.

"w. What are. U doing! "I said

"shh.. We need go faster or we'll be wet" he said

And he pushed me into the car. Why boys are so rough and rude !

He started driving after fixing my car belt. Am I a child? I know how to do.

He started driving and I suddenly realized he's going wrong way.

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