Age of Ultron (Hawksilver)

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"I'm twelve minutes older than you."

"Just go." screamed an exasperated Wanda. Pietro left Wanda, running back to the main battlefield.

He looked amidst the chaos and confusion for Clint. He panicked, not being able to see him anywhere. He turned his head, and that's when he saw them. Clint holding a boy. Then he heard the noise of the intimidating mechanical guns. He looked left and saw the gun narrowing on Clint and the boy. Although he didn't know Clint well, he had a vision of his family. His wife. His daughter. His son. His baby, who was not yet born. He knew in that moment, that there was more importance to Clint's life, than his own. He only had his sister, and although he knew she would be devastated, he knew she would move on. 

He had to save Clint, but he wouldn't be quick enough. There was only one thing he could do. Save Clint. Save the boy. Kill the abomination. Kill the only thing holding Wanda down. Kill the thing that started this war. Kill himself. So, he did just that. With his super-sonic speed, he moved a car between the gun and Clint. 

Clint never felt the shower of bullets rain down on him, and looked up in confusion. Immediately his eyes met Pietro's. The young boy in Clint's arms, realizing what was happening, wriggled out of Clint's grasp. When his feet touched the floor, he ran to Natasha, who guided him back to his mother.

"You didn't see that coming." It was so quiet.

"No, no, no, no, no." Clint ran over to Pietro. He caught him just as he fell to the floor.

A distant scream, then the ripping apart of metal could be heard. Pietro smiled. It had worked. His sister had used her power to the max. Admittedly, he didn't like the way he had caused that, but it was worth it. The world, and most importantly, the Sokovians, his people, would be safe.

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