Where did you go? Part 2 (pre-serum Stucky)

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Requested by @Sharpshooter04

Steve and Bucky got married exactly 8 months and 2 days after Bucky proposed. They were a very happy newly-wed couple, however while on their honeymoon Steve woke up to a cold bed one morning. There was a note on the bedside table. Bucky had been kidnapped. Steve broke down and called his best friend Nat, who had been their maid of honour at their wedding. He told her what happened. In turn, she told Tony, and they both flew, in Tony's private jet, to the city Steve was in to bring him back home. Steve was depressed for several months after, but even though everything said Bucky was dead, he kept his wedding band on. Skip forward a few years and Steve now works alongside his friends Tony, Nat, Clint, Bruce, Pepper, Thor and Loki (after the Battle of New York, and Loki's time in Asgardian prison, Loki joined the Avengers down in Midgard). Steve is the brains of the team and talks to the team over the comms while he stays at headquarters (aka the Avengers Tower) (for those of you who have seen the James Bond films – I'm talking about the ones with Ben Wishaw as Q – then imagine a Q-like character). The whole team, including Loki, all know who Bucky is and what he means to Steve. None of them have ever given up looking for Bucky. One day Clint and Nat are 'out-on-the-town' and they see someone who looks suspiciously like Bucky. They kidnap Bucky – again!! –, take him back to the Avengers Tower and take him to Steve.

"Bucky?" Steve cautiously reached out his hand. He thought he was dreaming.

"Who's Bucky?" What Steve didn't know was that Bucky knew who Bucky was. He knew who Steve was. The only thing he didn't know was where he was. Steve immediately started crying. Bucky didn't like what he saw. He walked over to Steve and knelt in front of him all in one swift movement. "Stevie... hey, hey... it's fine. I know who Bucky is. I'm Bucky. Hey, Stevie... doll?" Bucky lifted Steve's chin and looked into his eyes. "Look, it's me. I'm here. Sshh....." Bucky pulled Steve into his arms and kissed the top of his baby's head.

"I thought I had lost you forever..." Steve mumbled into Bucky's chest and cried even more.

"I'm not leaving you punk. Not now. Not ever. I'm back for good now. We can have the life we always wanted." He smiled down at Steve's adorable face. 'Why does he have to be so damn cute?' he thought to himself.

Sorry it's so short. I hope you like what I have done @Sharpshooter04. If you peeps would like a part 3 just comment below what kind of stuff you would like. Also, I saw Endgame as soon as it came out, but I haven't been able to recover and I don't think I ever will. For this reason I will not be writing sad Endgame stories. If I ever do and Endgame themed oneshot, I will change things and use poetic licence to make it happy. Don't worry, I won't be giving any spoilers just yet, even though the spoiler ban was lifted last Monday.

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