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sorry wrong number by theonelonelygiraffe
sorry wrong numberby VI
the cliche story where peter accidentally texts the wrong number, and the wrong number happens to be iron man, obviously. and all hell breaks loose. I do not own marvel...
To Be A Dad (Irondad and Spiderson) by Fan_Of_everything_45
To Be A Dad (Irondad and Spiderson)by FAAANNN
UNDER EDITING Tony is handed nine-month-old Peter Stark and tries his hardest to change to be a good dad and make good home for his son.
Avengers+Groupchat=Disaster by Sky_mgm
Avengers+Groupchat=Disasterby Bored 24h/24
Pietro thought he was texting Wanda, how dare she takes his pancakes?! Little did he know he ends up texting a certain God... More people join the group chat and more c...
Sorry! Wrong Number  by BlindBirdy
Sorry! Wrong Number by BlindBirdy
I've heard a lot of wrong number book's and I thought why not make my own one! The classic wrong message from a wrong number pulls out a lot of event's! Peter is 15-16 a...
Orphan Spider by Twizzle_n
Orphan Spiderby Twizzle_n
During the day, Peter Parker is just an average teenager, except for the fact that he's an orphan living in an abusive orphanage. But during the night, he's the famous Q...
"Doctor Sparkles I'll call you," Wrong Number AU by FUCKOFFCUNT55
"Doctor Sparkles I'll call you," Hayley Maltman
After a science experiment goes wrong, Tony sends a text to Bruce. Except it wasn't. Heyo, yes, a wrong number fanfiction, but this time it's with Tony and Stephen. Enj...
My Parents are Gay by SuicidalGooze
My Parents are Gayby > H O N K <
Just a cute lil story about Ironstrange trying to raise lil Spidey in the safest, non-dangerous way. A happy lil family. Fluff and slight nsfw. So be careful.
SECOND LIFE, peter parker by wintcrfalcon
SECOND LIFE, peter parkerby liya
SPIDER-MAN NO WAY HOME SPOILERS! The first time Peter asked Dr Strange to cast the spell to make everyone except for his loved ones to forget that Peter Parker is Spider...
Different Worlds (IronStrange) (Highschool AU) by Zen_MonX
Different Worlds (IronStrange) ( Zen_MonX
Tony Stark, the most intelligent kid at school and always topped as #1 at his school but he was a very quiet, unsocial and very much cold to everyone except for his frie...
Random IronStrange one-shots  by marvelfanatic4life
Random IronStrange one-shots by marvelfanatic4life
Hi:) These are some random one-shots of Stephen and Tony because I felt like it. Normally, this wouldn't be my ship for the actual movies or comments, but recently I've...
I Confess - Ironstrange by Y_do_I_even_TRY
I Confess - Ironstrangeby wasd
Tony Stark has had a crush on Stephen Strange for a long time, ever since Tony made him an avenger he got to see Stephen 24/7. Through that they go through a crazy journ...
Avengers Group Chat by royal_with_a_story
Avengers Group Chatby En Ydw i
I don't really know. This will just be weird. It's literally just what the title says. They're all in one big group chat. Yep. Ships- Stucky (Steve/Bucky), IronStrange...
Avengers Group Chat by Rogue_Wolfe
Avengers Group Chatby Rogue
Gonna be honest, I'm not really sure Its an idea, as if all the Avengers and then some characters were all in a group chat Enjoy!
Avengers: Truth or Dare by sugardragon678
Avengers: Truth or Dareby nat, my love
It's just a boring Saturday afternoon. No crime, no missions. Just the Avengers doing nothing at Stark Tower. Then...Tony comes up with an idea of something for them to...
Random Ironstrange by LilyEvans13-14
Random Ironstrangeby Cap_Iris456
This is purely a place to dump stuff I save when my storage becomes too full Mostly from Tumblr, Pinterest, or just plain Google !!!None of the images are mine!!!
Operation: IronStrange by drstrangeandironman
Operation: IronStrangeby Stranger
Peter, Ned, and MJ try to set up a date for Doctor Strange and Tony Stark! Things don't go as planned whenever they start to catch on... [After Endgame! Tony didn't die.]
The Little Things: A Collection of Thorbruce Oneshots by reyjedi16
The Little Things: A Collection //^
Since Thorbruce is such an underrated ship with a small amount of fics, I decided to write a series of Oneshots that can be interpreted as a continuing story. I don't wa...
Evermore|| Strange, Stephen. WTM by XOastorybyNatXOXO
Evermore|| Strange, Stephen. WTMby 💫N•A•T•T•Y💫
"I replay my footsteps on each stepping stone Trying to find the one where I went wrong Writing letters Addressed to the fire And I was catching my breath Staring o...
☆Hail Hydra☆ by -Z-R-K-
☆Hail Hydra☆by Ratchet
BOOK 2 OF HAIL HYDRA This time, it wasn't only Steve and Bucky who were brainwashed. There was another man that revealed coming from the shadows. And his name is...Steph...
Love and Hate || Ironstrange by sundayraiin
Love and Hate || Ironstrangeby 🐮
Tony Stark, a Billionaire-playboy-philanthrophist, is infatuated with a man named Stephen Vincent Strange who, unfortunately, despised him. Tony knew this, that is why h...