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Requested by BillCipher85

Peter walked into the common area and before he could say anything, Steve spoke.

"Peter, you have to stop dating Wade. He's mentally unstable and he kills people with guns."

Meanwhile, Tony is comfortably sitting on the couch, drinking his tea, as Stephen had forbidden him to drink any more coffee. He scoffed. "Yeah, you're one to say that, considering you're dating a brainwashed Russian assassin."

"Bucky is not Russian, OK!! And he is not an assassin. Wade is worse."

"Really???!!! Wade is worse than Bucky. At least he didn't try to kill Pete. I can't even remember the amount of times Bucky tried and almost managed."

Peter began slowly backing out of the room, mumbling under his breath. "I'm guessing this means I can keep dating Wade??" Neither Tony or Steve heard, and it was only when Bucky and Stephen came in ten minutes later to break up the fight before it started, that they realized Peter had already gone.

I hope this is what you were looking for . If you guys have any requests please do send them in. I do love interacting with you guys in the comments. Please vote. Love you all.


I know it's short. Hope you like it BillCipher85

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