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Requested by Kemarcius
Wow four parts in one days.
When his brother transformed into Captain America he knew it was a joke. But to him, it wasn't. As soon as he was able, he dragged the captain away from the rest of the group as the were leaving a restaurant after feasting on shawarma. He pushed Steve against the cold brick wall of an alleyway.
"Woah. What are you doing?" Steve barely had time to breath before Thor pushed his lips onto Steve's. Thor pulled back.
"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have don that."
"Shut up and kiss me you doufus." Steve grinned before Thor kissed him again. "Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Steve asked when they pulled away for the third time.
"I was scared you wouldn't feel the same." Steve smirked.
"You... were scared....!!!!!" Steve fell into Their's arms laughing so much there were tears falling down his cheeks.

Sorry it's so short. I hope you like what I've done Kemarcius

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