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High School Crush! (STONY) by Creepy_Pasta13
High School Crush! (STONY)by Cryptic
Tony has never been friends or even met Steve Rogers. However when they go on a trip to Germany things start to heat up... Highest ranking: 1 in stony
  • steve
  • winterfalcon
  • wanda
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It's All in the Pants  by SteveStarkRogers
It's All in the Pants by SebAntMackStan
Sebastian and Anthony get real with their relationship.
  • mackstan
  • stackie
  • samwilson
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Why Me (Avengers Soulmates AU) by LICERSS
Why Me (Avengers Soulmates AU)by LICERSS
Peter Parker never believed in Soulmates. Well he did believe in them he just didn't want any. Unfortunately with his Parker Luck he gets two soulmates. Warning :This...
  • bucky
  • thorxbruce
  • spiderman
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Little Bucky (WinterFalcon) by CandyCornSweetie
Little Bucky (WinterFalcon)by Alvin(AJ)
Ageplay/ageregression, If you don't like it don't read, if you don't know what it is I'll gladly explain. This is an extension of a one shot I wrote, so the first chapte...
  • avengers
  • winterfalcon
  • littlespace
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Marvel smut💦/fluff🥰 by stonyyyy
Marvel smut💦/fluff🥰by stonyyyy
Bxb onlyy •Smutt •sum fluff too🤷‍♀️
  • ironman
  • buckybarnes
  • guardiansofthegalaxy
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America's Soldier by Gandalfledore
America's Soldierby Gandalf Dumbledore
What if Bucky wasn't the one who fell off of the train? What if Captain America became the Winter Soldier?
  • captainamerica
  • samwilson
  • wintersoldier
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Friendly Competition by WinterFalconXO
Friendly Competitionby WinterFalconXO
The fact that they were able to hide their relationship for this long is really an accomplishment. I mean Steve was bound to find out about them eventually but who knew...
  • buckybarnes
  • marvel
  • samwilson
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One Of Us by _the_king_of_hell
One Of Usby The King Of Hell
The school was dull, it looked lifeless. Everyone walked around the halls with perfect posture, everyone talked in proper English and everyone was wearing an army unifor...
  • sabreine
  • jamesbuchananbarnes
  • redskull
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Avengers: One-Shots [COMPLETE] by PookieWolf
Avengers: One-Shots [COMPLETE]by proud_marvel_father
Before I go onto the ships, I will say, that if this ever does-somehow- get into a mature setting, I will go back into the book settings and change it to "mature&qu...
  • thruce
  • stony
  • scienceboyfriends
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Marvel One Shots by hopeful_insomniac
Marvel One Shotsby I wanna kashoot myself
I'm currently obsessed with Marvel so I decided to write some one shots! I'll be writing Stony, Spideypool, and maybe some winterfalcon fics. Requests are open! Enjoy!
  • stony
  • manxman
  • winterfalcon
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avengers one-shots by alliekat_echo
avengers one-shotsby ˏˋᥱᥴh᥆
here's a book filled with random ass one-shots. may have dc. have fun reading. MOSTLY FLUFF AND ANGST. SMALL, VERY SMALL, CHANCE OF SMUT.
  • lgbtq
  • loki
  • stony
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Brown Eyes (WinterFalcon) by CandyCornSweetie
Brown Eyes (WinterFalcon)by Alvin(AJ)
WinterFalcon High school story. The characters are based on the MCU, comics, and head cannons (some of which are not solely my own). I do not own the characters.
  • fanfiction
  • buckyxsam
  • romanogers
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Memories by heythereshipfreak
Memoriesby Nana
Sam and Bucky were laying in bed, with Bucky on his chest, Sam lightly kisses his messy bird next hair, threading his fingers together with Bucky's. Bucky sighs as he tu...
  • wintersoldier
  • buckybarnes
  • samwilson
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Stony: One Shots by haxxamaria
Stony: One Shotsby haxxamaria
One shots for my OTP: STONY *Completed 11th April 2019*
  • alpha
  • peter
  • avengers
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WinterFalcon Oneshots by AlphaWolf0215
WinterFalcon Oneshotsby Brittney Cremeans
I think this ship is really cute. That's all I have to say. *The stories have nothing in common unless it says so*
  • samwilson
  • falcon
  • romance
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The secret that made us  by haxxamaria
The secret that made us by haxxamaria
After their fight in Siberia, Steve finds out he's pregnant. Alone and scared; Steve decided to raise the baby without Tony. Will they ever find their way back to each...
  • clintbarton
  • civilwar
  • samwilson
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A Super Soldier and His Mate by haxxamaria
A Super Soldier and His Mateby haxxamaria
Alpha/Beta/Omega verse! Steve Rogers is an omega from the 40's with a story to tell and nothing to lose. Tony Stark is nothing more than a self obsessed Alpha playboy w...
  • tonystark
  • winterfalcon
  • thor
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-Lost without you- (Spiderwitch) by maraudersandfriends
-Lost without you- (Spiderwitch)by Emmalie
Pietro and Wanda are new at Peter's high school and Peter lives in the tower with them. Peter and Wanda have liked each other since they met, but won't admit it. (Sorry...
  • hawkeye
  • brucexnatasha
  • stony
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Fandom Oneshots [Mainly Marvel Oneshots and Sherlock Oneshots] by FandomsAreMyFuel
Fandom Oneshots [Mainly Marvel it's tickety boo
Some one-shots from various fandoms. Not all are romantic, some are just situations the characters are in, etc. (Cover by me) If you'd like, comment on a fandom and mayb...
  • goodomens
  • oneshots
  • justwriteday
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Winterfalcon Oneshots | OhHelloFandoms123 by OhHelloFandoms123
Winterfalcon Oneshots | Writing Talk
Sam Wilson x Bucky Barnes oneshots! Fluff, angst and all! Requests are open!
  • angst
  • oneshots
  • samwilson
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