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"Your name is James Buchan an Barnes." The Winter Soldier took another swing at Captain America.

They now were on the floor. One more hit and The Winter Soldier would have completed his mission and would go back to Hydra report and then be frozen again for however long.

"You're my mission." He didn't know why he said that. He felt like he had to confirm that it was his job.

"Then finish it. 'Cos I'm with you... till the end of the line..." Steve was close enough. He used his last ounce of energy to lean up, only just managing to place his lips on the man he knew to be his childhood friend. The man he thought he had died when he fell...

The helicarrier began falling apart underneath him and Steve felt himself falling... falling... then he saw something shiny.

He woke up, coughing up water. He felt arms around him. He looked up and saw Bucky's face.

"I remember now. We shared an apartment. We... You... I..." Bucky stroked Steve's cheek and smiled at him.

"I know." Steve smiled back at him.

It's quite bad I know but I tried. I hope you like it pagezoma
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