Nightmares (Cherik)

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Erik never put the bullet in Charles back. Charles can walk. Modern day AU.

Nightmares. They were the worst. Erik made that official. Sometimes he would wake up, Charles sleeping peacefully beside him, nothing out of the ordinary, other times, he would be woken up, most probably by Charles himself, and would first look Charles in the eye, see his scared expression, prompting him to look around the room, to distorted door handles, or a lamp smashed against, now lying broken on the floor. Never had there been blood, or a human, mutant or not, hurt in this gruesome process. Never. Until today.

Erik looked to the door. Handle no longer any use to someone other than that of the metal bender. He glanced at the wall, then to the floor. He saw the smashed glass of the lightbulb. The crushed lampshade. His eyes made a path across the wooden floor - they had recently installed wooden floors instead of carpet as it was easier to clean after nights such as this. His face paled as soon as he saw the dour drops of crimson red against the dark oak flooring. He felt a hand against his neck, encouraging him to look away. Blue eyes met brown. Erik's attention was stolen by the blood trickling down Charles' cheek. His thumb lightly touched the tender skin around the deep cut. If it were possible, Erik's face would have paled even more.

"What have I done?" Erik's voice cracked. The pain. The hurt. The sadness. It was all there. All visible in his voice.

"My darling. You have done no wrong." And that was what knocked Erik over the edge. Despite all the hurt that he caused Charles, Charles never blamed Erik for it. He was always there to comfort Erik. Assure him that no one would take him away. No one would get inside his head. No one, but Charles - and even then, only with Erik's permission.

Charles stroked his thumb across Erik's cheek, brushing away the harsh, burning tears. He broke. Charles held him in his arms. Erik fell asleep first. Charles sat there, propped against the headboard, Erik in his arms. Charles leant down and placed a kiss on the top of Erik's head, then joined Erik in a blissful sleep.

Some people may say Charles was the one who needed comforting - seeing as he was the one who had been physically hurt. But Erik and Charles weren't normal. Yes, they were mutants. They sometimes had to hide. Hide from their own friends. It hurt them. At times, it almost killed them. But they were always there for each other. Whenever one needed company, the other was there.


A/N: Thank you so much for reading. I think I might do another Cherik, just about the story of how they went from enemies to friends to boyfriends and so on (a bit like Kurt and Blaine's story in Glee).

Please give me your ideas.

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