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A Rainy Day in Asgard  by misunderstood_mayhem
A Rainy Day in Asgard by Loverboy
Following the defeat of the dark elves, there is peace in the nine realms. After twenty years, Thor is king, and he seeks companionship from the stable boy.
  • thor
  • darkworld
  • asgard
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Heritage Blood (I am currently doing a spell check) by IwriteFanficsYaBish
Heritage Blood (I am currently IwriteFanfics
ATTENTION A THORKI FANFICTION! Includes pseudo-incest, fluff, smut, abuse, violence, blood, homosexual relationship and all the other good shit that you need in your lif...
  • avengers
  • thorki
  • thor
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The Avengers : Truth or Dare?! by LokiLoveyPocky
The Avengers : Truth or Dare?!by Kinky Plague Doctor
Long story short, The Avengers had been given one of those days where heroes are free to chill and do whatever they wanted to do. Sadly they couldn't think of anything f...
  • thorki
  • bromace
  • stony
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All I Want--BETRAYAL by Lornedowney
All I Want--BETRAYALby Tessa Lorne
Ever wonder how he became so... different?
  • avengers
  • loki
  • heartbreak
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A Match Made In Asgard (boyxboy) by SimplyAmaryllis
A Match Made In Asgard (boyxboy)by Simply Amaryllis
Loki was never abandoned by his parents, but instead grew up as a Prince of Jotunheim. His father, when he was born, arranged a marriage that was to take place when Loki...
  • mpreg
  • alternateuniverse
  • thorki
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A Kind Of Magic by Lornedowney
A Kind Of Magicby Tessa Lorne
When Loki's magic backfires, what can Thor and the Avengers do to get the God of Mischief back? De-aged!Loki because he's a cutie :)
  • loki
  • thorodinson
  • brucebanner
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Change || Loki.  by bubblyloki
Change || Loki. by ka.
"You have changed Loki." Thor said, his voice shaking as he spoke. Loki looked his way and smiled, bitterly. "Perhaps it is in your nature, brother. You a...
  • brothers
  • fanfiction
  • lokilaufeyson
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Little By Little by Lornedowney
Little By Littleby Tessa Lorne
Chris reaches out to Tom, via Instagram.
  • âu
  • angst
  • littlebylittle
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The God that Proved them Wrong (Thorki)  by misunderstood_mayhem
The God that Proved them Wrong ( Loverboy
In the rebuilt New York, the people who were turned to dust live. Loki lives in his apartment with an amazing boyfriend... but what will happen when the Avengers find a...
  • avengers
  • gay
  • newyork
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Little Loki and The Avengers by LokiLoveyPocky
Little Loki and The Avengersby Kinky Plague Doctor
As we all know, our beloved Loki did something mischievous during his stays in Midgard and after being caught doing so, he was being put to house arrest as a punishment...
  • marvel
  • agefluctuation
  • clintasha
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Avengers Truth or Dare by Amethystowl369
Avengers Truth or Dareby Amethystowl369
Cover credit: Obviously Marvel seeing as its their poster Pls no hate Its my first fanfic
  • mariahill
  • stony
  • âu
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Never Say Never by Lornedowney
Never Say Neverby Tessa Lorne
Tom is the school freak. He's unpopular, strange and condescending. He faces humiliating torment from school bullies every day, despite not doing anything to provoke t...
  • thefray
  • random
  • ship
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His child (thorki story) by RedCaitlin
His child (thorki story)by Crazy_person
Loki had been gone, for three years, and after Thor was finally crowned the kingdom of Asgard was at peace, But their ruler wasn't. He needed someone to rule beside him...
  • loki
  • thor
  • thorki
Thor x Loki: Struck By Lightning by BeccaDurr
Thor x Loki: Struck By Lightningby Rebecca J. Durr
*Thor and Loki aren't brothers, they are best friends* Thor and Loki have been friends since they were 6. They did everything together and were in every class. but once...
  • hurt
  • thor
  • loki
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Yaoi pictures by Sushi_Woll
Yaoi picturesby Sushi_Woll
Yaoi pictures!!!! And Videos!!!! Lots of them! Thorki!! Spideypool!! Stony!!! Gary X ash Gratsu Sasunaru Destiel!!! And a lot more that I'm to lazy to write!!!!! None o...
  • videos
  • pictures
  • thorki
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Mr. Billionare by Sushi_Woll
Mr. Billionareby Sushi_Woll
Steve Rogers is the heir to the Rogers Industry. However there is something he must to do to receive his father's inheritance, marrying Tony Stark. High school AU
  • drama
  • peggycarter
  • love
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Thorki oneshots by nightmare-creator
Thorki oneshotsby nightmare-creator
Just a bunch of Thorki oneshots.
  • fanfiction
  • thor
  • thorki
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Estudiando el amor // Thorki-Stucky AU by makishi_konue
Estudiando el amor // Makishi Konue
Loki es un chico de un pequeño pueblo que logra entrar a la universidad mas importante, la universidad T, pero al ser un pueblo se pierde en la ciudad y es ayudado por...
  • hard
  • escuela
  • thorki
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Mi único pecado...amar (THORKI/OMEGAVERSE) by chibitan192726
Mi único pecado...amar (THORKI/ chibitan192726
Perderlo todo en cuestión de segundos era algo que le había ocurrido a un joven Jotun todo por aquel alfa insensato que sin pensarselo dos veces decidió atacarlo y viola...
  • fanficyaoi
  • omegaverse
  • fanfic
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