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Heritage Blood (I am currently doing a spell check) by IwriteFanficsYaBish
Heritage Blood (I am currently IwriteFanfics
ATTENTION A THORKI FANFICTION! Includes pseudo-incest, fluff, smut, abuse, violence, blood, homosexual relationship and all the other good shit that you need in your lif...
All because Loki wants a throne by ggs696
All because Loki wants a throneby ggs696
Laufey is not dead and have his own throne. when Thor brought Loki back from midgard after his crimes, Frigga requested hard not to execute him and Allfather accept it b...
The Avengers : Truth or Dare?? by LokiLoveyPocky
The Avengers : Truth or Dare??by Loki J. Fell
Long story short, The Avengers had been given one of those days where heroes are free to chill and do whatever they wanted to do. Sadly they couldn't think of anything f...
A Rainy Day in Asgard  by misunderstood_mayhem
A Rainy Day in Asgard by Loverboy
Following the defeat of the dark elves, there is peace in the nine realms. After twenty years, Thor is king, and he seeks companionship from the stable boy.
Little Loki and The Avengers by LokiLoveyPocky
Little Loki and The Avengersby Loki J. Fell
As we all know, our beloved Loki did something mischievous during his stays in Midgard and after being caught doing so, he was being put to house arrest as a punishment...
[ThorKi] [oneshot]Prison of Asgard by Yue_Hargreaves
[ThorKi] [oneshot]Prison of Asgardby Yue Hargreaves
Things happened in the prison of Asgard....
Together (A Loki/Avengers Fanfiction) by IkilledJasonTodd
Together (A Loki/Avengers Ace
Imagine Loki would have been locked away in a cell at the Avengers' headquarters and not in Asgard, because he promises the Avengers to change if they would not bring hi...
Drunk by Light_of_the_Yagami
Drunkby вєαutíful𑁍ࠜೄ ・゚ˊˎ
After a wild night of drinking the two Nordic gods, Thor and Loki, end up doing things that brothers shouldn't. This book has a lot of mature content and I will work on...
Frozen Hearts by GracieHolmgren
Frozen Heartsby crazy_fangirl_trash
A thorki Frozen™ AU
Marvel Shortstories (ships) by Astryd_Laufeyson
Marvel Shortstories (ships)by Astryd_Laufeyson
There will be boyxboy, don't like, don't read. ~ Stucky ~ ~ Thorki ~ ~ WinterWidow ~ ~ Stony ~ ~ Science Bros ~ ~ Romanogers ~ ~ Clintasha ~ ~ Pepperony ~ ~ FrostIron ~ ...
Help by givemeraki
Helpby Pandasaurus
In which Thor helps his "brother" in his first heat.
Cold Hard Love - Jotun Thorki by y2kprincess18
Cold Hard Love - Jotun Thorkiby Isabella
"And If I refuse?" He didn't answer. He didn't answer as his youngest child broke into tears, the child he started the truce over to help stop his sadness. The...
Female Loki x Thor  by Marco6519
Female Loki x Thor by Marco6519
This is a story about my female Loki x Thor. Yes it's Marvel based, but I'm adding more mythology than Marvel did.
A Mother's Love by misunderstood_mayhem
A Mother's Loveby Loverboy
While the tired Avengers celebrated with a nice kabob, Loki breaks free from his prison transport, without harming anyone. Thor must decide what to do when they find him.
A Kind Of Magic by Lornedowney
A Kind Of Magicby Tessa Lorne
When Loki's magic backfires, what can Thor and the Avengers do to get the God of Mischief back? De-aged!Loki because he's a cutie :)
Thorki oneshots by Whispering-Shadow
Thorki oneshotsby Xander Drogonzule
Just a bunch of Thorki oneshots.
Jotun Thorki: Lost Prince by Dragonlina
Jotun Thorki: Lost Princeby Dragonlina
Thor, prince of Asgard, is kidnapped and raised as a protector of Prince Loki. Because Loki is kind, lonely and small, they soon became friends. But what will happen whe...
What Lies Beneath the Illusion- Thorki Fanfic (Prequel to TGTPTW)  by misunderstood_mayhem
What Lies Beneath the Illusion- Loverboy
After IW, Thor mourns his brother. But what will happen when Bruce Banner isn't really Bruce Banner?
Thor And Loki's Lost Daughters by Thornlokidottr
Thor And Loki's Lost Daughtersby Thorn
Loki and Thor have loved each other for a very long time and had twin daughters from that love. The daughter's names were Thorn Lokidóttir and Lokia Thordóttir. Loki and...
Gay Loki One Shots ✏️ by Megan_Danvers
Gay Loki One Shots ✏️by 💕
Requests are open! I'll do any ships including rare ones ^v^ Includes : Fandroki - Fandral x Loki Thorki - Thor x Loki Volki - Volstagg x Loki Quilloki - Peter Quill x...