Love of My Life (Peter Parker and Harry Osborn) Part 2

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Harry's POV

I cannot believe it.

I confessed my love for Peter almost 2 weeks ago. He sais he loved me as well, then he asked me to be his is boyfriend. Of course I said yes.

*present day*

I was sitting in the rose garden when I felt two arms wrap around me. I turned round and sae Peter.

"Morning baby boy." That was Peter's nickname for me, and I loved it, but when he would insist on calling me that in front of family and friends, I would be too embarrassed and I would just leave the room.

"Morning." We sat together, holding each others' hands for a few minutes, before I spoke up again. "I'm cold. Are you?" I looked up into Peter's eyes.

"No, here take my jumper." He took off his sweater wrapped it around me. I slipped my arms inside and zipped it up. As Peter was bigger than me, it meant his jumper was a little too big for me - not that I minded - it smelt nice. I felt Peter put his arm around my waist and pull me close. I cuddled into his side, now feeling much warmer.

"Do you want to go in for breakfast? I think Mandy has made pancakes" That made me sit bolt upright, almost knocking Peter off of his seat. Peer chuckled at my enthusiasm. He knew hoe much I liked pancakes.

We went inside and walked into the dining room, where my parents were already sitting. We sat down and started eating. Afterwards, we went up to my bedroom and lay down on the be. After sitting on my back, staring at the ceiling for a while. I turned to Peter and placed a hand to his chest making him look at me.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

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