I Love Gym (Spideypool)

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Peter headed out the door at exactly 7.50. It was already dark, but there was just enough light so that he could see where he was going. He arrived just in time for his training and locked his bike before heading to the field. His teammates were running laps of the field, so he joined them. After his first lap his couch saw him and called him over. Peter ran over to the centre and greeted his coach.

"Peter, I want you to go work with a personal trainer. You're too good for everyone here and the only way you're going to progress in any way is by having another coach. You'll still be on the team. I know you really need this full scholarship for university and this will hopefully give you a better chance of that. Your first session is today, and I think he wanted you to go to the gym as soon as you got here." So Peter left the field, entering the large sports/leisure centre. He walked into the large air-conditioned gym, scanning the room for a middle-aged man, who could be passed off for a personal trainer. That was image of the trainer he had created when his coach told him. He saw a rather fit guy sitting on a bench doing some weights. Peter had to physically yank himself away from the sight of the gorgeous man, sweat dripping down his forehead. He looked so sexy. Peter turned around and was about to leave the gym when he felt someone tap him on his shoulder.

"Are you Peter Parker?" Peter turned around and came face to face with the same man who had been lifting weights earlier.

"Yeah, my coach sent me in here for a session with a personal trainer."

"I'm your guy then. But I propose we do something else. Let's get a drink and get to know each other." Peter murmured in agreement and followed the guy, who had only just now introduced himself as Wade, out to the cafeteria. Wade ordered them both a diet coke before sitting down in darker corner of the café. To Peter it felt like they had been talking for hours - they had shared so much - but when he looked down at his watch he saw it had been only 20 minutes. "What else do you like? Is there a special girl in your life?" Peter shook his head - no.

"I don't really like, girls."

"Oh, boys then?" Peter nodded. "Do you have your eye on someone?" Peter nodded again. "Who, may I ask?" Peter mumbled something under his breath. "Pardon?" Peter raised his head, a blush tinting his cheeks. This time, a small 'you' was audible. "Me?" Peter nodded. "Well then, why don't we get out of here?" Peter looked unsure at first, then smiled at Wade's outstretched hand and accepted it. "How old are you?"

"18. Why?"

"Good. So I won't be arrested for doing this." Wade leaned down and captured Peters lips in his, hands on Peter's hips pulling him closer to him. Peter whined when Wade pulling away. "So you like that, huh? Want to do some more?" Peter blushed and looked down, trying to hide the fact that he was blushing from Wade. Wade chuckled, making Peter look up at him. "You're cute when you blush." Wade pecked his lips again and Peter smiled.

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