Love of My Life (Peter Parker and Harry Osborn)

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Context: Both the Parker and Osborn families are very wealthy and both own estates. You could say, in a sense, that the two families where a part of the royal family. These two estates are where Peter and Harry spent most of their time growing up and when Peter's parents died he stayed with the Osborn family whilst the Parker estate was kept under care, so it would be ready once Peter was old enough to take his inheritance. Both Harry and Peter are only children. This story takes place when they are both 17 years old.

Peter and Harry had been best friends since before they were in diapers. Their parents had been friends, so the two boys were forced to spend time with each other - not that they had anything against it. They quickly became the best of friends, and nothing could come between them. Peter's parents were killed in a car crash, when he was 6. (I know this isn't what happened, but just go with it) When the 'final will and testament' had been read out, it was revealed that Mr and Mrs Parker had appointed Mr and Mrs Osborn as legal guardians of Peter. Peter was extremely sad that his parents were dead, leaving him on his own in the world, Harry didn't fail to help Peter have fun and, at times, forget about everything. Harry was ecstatic when Mr and Mrs Osborn said that he and Peter could share his room if they wanted.

And so, Harry and Peter grew up as close as brothers. They helped each other with homework, shared answers, and most importantly, shared secrets. They didn't act like your stereotypical boys, out at the park with their mates playing football. Instead they preferred being in each others company. Whether it was at home, in the garden, at school, or in the city library. As long as they were together, they felt safe. As I said before, they shared secrets. They didn't hide anything from each other, and one knew everything there was to know about the other.

Except one thing.

Neither knew what one felt about the other. They were too scared to admit their feelings. So, since the first time they felt these particular feelings for the other, they slowly grew apart. That had been 4 months ago. Harry's mother was aware of the growing tension between them, and so decided to speak to Harry about it.

"Harry darling? Do you have a moment?" Mrs Osborn peaked round the door of the recording studio (which Mr and Mrs Osborn had built when Harry had first shown an interest in making his own music).

"Certainly mother. What is it?"

"Is everything alright with you and Peter? You seem...I don't know. You two just aren't what you used to be. What's going on, Harry?"

"I...I don't know mother. It's just..." Harry's words began to fail him. Mrs Osborn could see that he was struggling, so she put a loving hand on his shoulder and held him close. It was this that set Harry off. "Mother, I just miss him. I'm scared. I just don't know what do to."

"Why are you scared, darling. You can tell me. Come on."  She pulled him closer and rubbed his back, as he leaned his head heavily on her shoulder, violent, but silent, tears running down his cheeks until they no longer would.

"I like him. More than I should."

"What do you mean? What's so wrong with liking him more than a friend?"

"I mean, we're basically brothers. It would just be wrong. And anyway there's no way he would like me back."

"Harry, may I remind you that you aren't ACTUALLY brothers. And you will never actually know whether he likes you back or not until you ask him. So why don't you quit mopping around and go ask him out."

"Fine mother."

Harry got up and left the room. He went to find Peter, so he first went to the kitchen, as that was where Peter usually went when they didn't have any duties. He found Peter eating out of a pot of frozen yogurt, and by the looks of it, he had almost finished the whole pot. He was happily chatting away to one of the cooks, and for a minute or so, Harry stood by the door, and smiled at the sight. He loved it when Peter was happy. He had seen so many things hurt Peter, and he had had to witness Peter being broken too many times. All he wanted was to protect Peter - from everything. Harry cleared his throat once he had reminded himself as to why he had come down here. Peter heard it and turned his head towards the door, where Harry was leaning against the wall.

"May I borrow Peter for a moment?" Harry didn't really wait for an answer, and walked up to Peter and dragged him away by his arm.

Once they were outside in the rose garden, Peter turned to Harry. "What was that for?" But Peter was barely able to complete his sentence as he was interrupted by Harry's lips crashing down on his. They kissed for a few seconds, then Harry pulled away.

"I'm sorry, Peter. I'm sorry for pushing you away. For avoiding you. The truth was I was completely totally absolutely one hundred percent in love with you, and I was scared. I was scared to admit it to myself, but mostly, I was scared you would find out and never want to speak to me again because you thought that I was some crazy mental person. I thought it would be better if I could be your friend if not anything else, but then I realised I was losing that as well. And I understand if you never want to speak to me again, or see me ever again. I just had to let you know. I'll go and pack my bags now."

But Harry didn't get far. Peter reached out his hand and grabbed Harry's wrist. He pulled him back then guided him to sit next to him on Harry's favourite bench (it was Harry's favourite because Mr and Mrs Osborn had commissioned it be placed there in remembrance of Peter's parents - don't ask why it was Harry's favourite and not Peter's). Peter took Harry's hand in his own, and entwined their fingers. With his hand, he gently caressed Harry's cheek, and brushed away his tears.

"Now why would I want you to do that." He paused, and Harry leaned into his hand. "I don't want the love of my life going anyway. He is going to stay right here, where I can stare at him to my hearts content." Peter leaned in and pecked Harry's lips, and then pulled away and leaned his forehead against Harry's. Harry shyly looked up into Peter's brown eyes.

He was practically speechless, but just managed to get out one question. A question he had always wished would be true. "I'm the love of your life?"

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