Frostiron (fluff)

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Requested by Cake_Herron

Loki watched as Tony worked at improving and adapting one of his suits. A layer of grease covered Tony from head to toe, making his black tank top cling to his figure. Loki adored the way Tony's soft, brown curls fell down when he didn't wear any hair products. The natural, windswept look was definitely Loki's favorite. He smiled. Not his usual mischievous smile, but a loving look one gets when they are looking at their soulmate.

"Jarvis, what's the time?" Tony didn't hear Loki talking to the AI.

"2 am, sir." Tony didn't register the familiar voice of the AI. Loki calculated that Tony had been in his lab for more than 5 hours, and he knew Tony needed his beauty sleep. 

Tony felt two thin arms wrap around his waist, and he leaned into them, knowing it was Loki. "Come on, Tones. Let's go to bed." He kissed Tony's cheek.

"You go to bed. I'll be up once I have finished this." Loki knew that would never actually happen. The only way to get Tony to go to sleep would be to use his magic. He hated using his magic. It reminded him of when HE was the villain. The Battle of New York. When he helped Thanos all those years ago. He quickly shook his head, getting those thoughts out of it. He turned Tony around. Tony looked up at him and blinked. When he opened his eyes again, they were in their bedroom. Loki led Tony into their bathroom and peeled off his clothes, and gently wiped the grease off. He stripped his clothes off as well, and Loki got into their large bed, opening his arms so that Tony could crawl into his warm, loving embrace. Loki kissed Tony's head.

"I love you." He whispered as Tony fell asleep.

I hope this is what you were looking for Cake_Herron. If you guys have any requests please do send them in. I do love interacting with you guys in the comments. Please vote. Love you all.


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