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A/N: I just thought the picture was cute.

Peter woke up and immediately sat up straight in bed once he remembered what today was. He got out of his car-themed bed and ran out of his bedroom, down the hall, climbed five steps, and entered his parent bedroom. He clambered onto the 4-poster bed and snuggled between his two dads.

Steve found himself awoken by a wriggling body in the bed. He opened his eyes and saw his son, Peter, clad in a red, white and blue Captain America onesie. Their eyes met and Steve couldn't help the smile that was now plastered on his face.

"Daddy won't wake up." Peter pouted and sat upright on the bed with arms crossed. Steve had to stifle that threatened to erupt at the sight of his five-year-old son.

"Well maybe, if we tickle him, he will wake up." But, sadly, Peter never had the chance to tickle his father, as Tony sat bolt upright in bed, almost knocking Peter over from the shock.

"Oh no you don't. I'm awake. You don't have to wake me up anymore."

Several hours later, all three of them were heading out the door of their mansion and getting into the car. They got to the restaurant in time for their reservation. They walked inside and were greeted by the manager.

"Mr Stark. Mr Roger. Peter." He looked down at Peter and ruffled his hair slightly. "Follow me. We have a table for you over here." He lead them to the back of the restaurant where there was a table for three, beautifully set, with candles flickering, and flowers adorning the table. Steve, Tony and Peter sat down. Drinks were served while food order were taken. When the food came, Steve spoke up.

"I'm so grateful for both of you. You are my whole life. Peter, when you came into our life, we just knew that our little family was finally complete. Tony, we have our ups and down, but you have always stayed by my side. Through everything. So, today, I want to thank both of you." He paused, then as an after thought, said "And I suppose we have to wish you a happy birthday. So happy birthday Tony. I love you. We love you." Steve placed his hand over Tony's on the table.


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