Never (Hawksilver)

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Pietro lay before him. He looked out of the window. The machine beside Pietro was letting out a steady pulse, meaning Pietro was still alive - for now.

"Clint?" It took him a few second before he realised it came from Pietro.

"I'll get him." The man stood up and walked outside, into the white hallways. He turned to Clint. "He wants you."

Clint walked into the room - the pungent smell of antiseptic hitting his, making him fell lightheaded. He saw the green, jagged line flowing along the screen of the machine. He could hear the 'beep-beep-beep' of the machine. Pietro's heartbeat. But to him, it was very faint. It sounded like a constant droning. It wasn't that he had forgotten to out in his hearing aids that morning. No. It was because he chose to block it out. He wanted to focus who Pietro. Who was now alive. Back from the dead. Clint walked over to Pietro and held his hand. He leaned down and brought Pietro's hand to his lips and kissed the pale knuckles. He looked into Pietro's emotionless face. He saw as the silvery blue eyes, that he loved so much, appear. A smile soon followed.

"Clint . . . is that you?" All Clint could do was nod, as silent tears fell from his eyes.

"Yes, baby. It's me." Clint managed to get the words out, before the silent sobs took over again.

"Don't leave me." It was only a whisper but Clint heard it, nevertheless.

"Never, my love. Never." That was all that was needed. All that was needed for the other to know that the feelings were returned. The feelings of love. The feelings of never wanting to be separated. The feelings of wanting to be with each other for the rest of their lives.

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