Natasha/Maria and Steve/Clint

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Requested by BooksAreMyReality18

This is a one shot where Natasha and Clint. Natasha is in a relationship with Maria Hill and Clint is in a relationship with Steve Rogers. The Avengers do not exist. Nat and Clint live in a flat together.

"Hey Clint. You wanna have a movie night?"

"Yeah sure. Oh, can Steve join? I said he could come over later."

"Oh OK. That's cool. I'll see if Maria's free."

*time skip*

"Hey Maria. Nat's through there choosing a movie."

"Thank you Clint." A few minutes later Clint popped his head around the door.

"I'm gonna get the snacks ready." Nat and Maria barely heard him. Clint went into the kitchen and got out the popcorn. He put it in the microwave oven and waited for it to cook. A knock on the door surprised him out of his momentary trance before he answered the door.

*time skip to after the movie*

"Come on Clint. You can't sleep on the couch." Nat tried dragging Clint off of the couch and to his bedroom. Soon though she gave up and left Clint lying on went to her bed. When she woke up the next morning and made her way to the kitchen to get breakfast she was hardly surprised to see that Clint was still passed out on the floor. She laughed to herself as she drank her coffee.

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