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Enjoy this photo of the very adorable, one and only, Sokovian puppy ^^^^^

Wanda's POV

My brother was an idiot. He kept telling me no one loved him apart from me. I knew he was wrong. He finally realised that yesterday. Clint asked him out during our free period after lunch and they agreed to meet outside the gates today after school.

Pietro, Laura and myself were waiting for the others to appear. You see Laura and I are going out, Nat and Maria are also a couple, and now there is my brother and Clint, Laura and Nat's brother. We were all going to the bowling alley on a triple date.

*time skip - at the bowling alley*

Clint and Pietro are flirting so much.

"Hey sis, can Clint come back to ours tonight?" There was a glint in his eye. Luckily we no longer lived with our parents.

"Sure, but it'll just be you two. I'm going to Maria's with the other girls."

*time skip - the next day*

I don't think either boy got any sleep. I saw Clint first. His hair was a mess. But then Pietro came into the kitchen and he was 400% worse. I know better than to ask questions.

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