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Come Home (Cherik fanfiction) by Firefly2000
Come Home (Cherik fanfiction)by Atlas
Cherik AU He looks down at the injured body of his only real friend; his obesession. Maybe he is right. Maybe they do want different things. But, Erik wants Charles and...
Memories by ATelepathAndAPsycho
Memoriesby Rage and Serenity
Charles Xavier has been through too much. After losing his mobility after the events of the mission in Cuba, he's a shell of the man he used to be. Finding release in al...
Mutant (Fassavoy) by SineadNovak394
Mutant (Fassavoy)by Qrow Novak
After Michael Fassbender gets a dream featuring his and James McAvoy's characters, the two actors realize they have Charles and Erik's mutation. They have to learn how t...
True Focus (X men Cheirk fic) by BlackRoseReaper
True Focus (X men Cheirk fic)by Dragon
The scene in X men first class where Charles and Erik train.....and....... ^^
I Can't Help Loving You by Cherikella
I Can't Help Loving Youby Tᴜʀɴ ᴜᴘ ᴛʜᴇ Cʜᴇʀɪᴋ
Cherik Housemates AU --- A TURKISH TRANSLATION to this story is on this link --
Cherik One Shots by phanoutromance
Cherik One Shotsby b
It's just a bunch of Cherik oneshots.
Cherik High School Au by SineadNovak394
Cherik High School Auby Qrow Novak
~Cherik High school AU~ Charles Xavier: the new kid. Erik Lehnsherr: the school's outcast. Three secrets. Two students. One story. (2019-time based Cherik)
We Still Have Paris by Fahriya2018
We Still Have Parisby Fahriya Hajinski
This story takes place after the end of 'The Dark Phoenix'. Erik finally realises that he can't go on without Charles after all these years and hopes to find him in Pari...
A Lesson in Love [CHERIK] by humanveil
A Lesson in Love [CHERIK]by HV
A series of related, semi-related, and unrelated Cherik oneshots set in a modern day high school AU. Powered!AU. Mostly Cherik fluff.
Of Fractured Hearts and Unhealed Wounds by ValkyrieRider
Of Fractured Hearts and Unhealed ValkyrieRider
What if Erik had never left Cuba? Even if Charles were still paralyzed from the waist down, that didn't mean that all of this couldn't have been possible, right? Set aft...
Cherik One Shots by Red_Tanuki00
Cherik One Shotsby ѕωєєт_иєкσ
(This is my first book, which I'm writing in English, so please don't bite, but give me a notice, if I write something wrong) WARNING Boy x boy (don't like, don't read) ...
Emma was Right by 101McFa33y5tucky
Emma was Rightby G and Rae
Charles wouldn't leave Erik. Emma was Right.
Submerged by hansi_doctor
Submergedby hansi_doctor
This is a Cherik Oneshot. One morning Charles decides to take an early morning dip in the lake near the mansion, when Erik comes to find him. This is my first time writi...
XO  by The-Silent-Type
XO by MG Santos
Coming from a wealthy and conservative family, Prince Charles already have everything. Except for one - his one true love. But what if his expected lover turns out to be...
Under The Rain [CHERIK] by Nikedzky
Under The Rain [CHERIK]by Nikks_S_OZOM
Erik Lehnsherr is just a regular guy at school with a couple of friends. But because of his heartbreak from a couple months ago, he decides to go cold with stuff in rel...
Marvel One Shots by angelwiththeblue-box
Marvel One Shotsby Valkyrie
It is all in the title
Onslaught ✖X-Men  by JoseRodriguez794115
Onslaught ✖X-Men by 𝓙𝓻
That day in Cuba, 1962. Charles Xavier had lost two things, his close friend and love. And the father of his child. This what happens when Magneto and Charles Xavier hav...
Days well spent by groovy_mutant
Days well spentby Tyler
After I hit Charles, paralyzing him from the waist down, I felt obligated ask if wanted to stay at my house till he could get back on his feet, metaphorically of course...
Between Rage & Serenity by StolenWithAGlance
Between Rage & Serenityby StolenWithAGlance
How far would you go to save the one you love? Charles Xavier, a collage student with a secret gift never thought he would have to ask himself that question. Until he me...