BTS will be my new acronym for back to school. This is a tutorial/list of things to include in a mini emergency kit for school. P.S. you can find an enormous travel-size section at Bed Bath and Beyond. Travel-size items are amazing for this kit.

. . .

First, find a bag you want to keep everything in. Small/medium sized makeup bags work great!

Next, gather all of your items.

- powder (if you were makeup)

- deodorant

- roller-ball perfume

- chapstick/tinted lip balm

- hair ties

- band-aids

- pads/tampons

- hand sanitizer

- hand lotion

- mini pack of tissues

- ibuprofen/advil (headache reliever)

- gum/mints

- eye drops

- mirror compact

- mini hair brush/comb

- floss

- tide to-go stain remover pen

- bobby pins

You don't have to bring every item. Bring whatever you think you might need.

Lastly, put everything in your bag and put the bag in either your backpack or your locker or where ever you want to keep it.

. . .

I hope this helps! :D I'm always willing to do requests! Vote, comment, follow!

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