Now that I'm actually in high school and have been for a few weeks now, I've learned a few tips and tricks for how to survive it. Some of these tips may be repeats from the first time I posted tips for hs but these are just a few things I personally keep in mind and do. Enjoy!! And if you have any tips or tricks that you think I left out, make sure to leave them below so others won't miss out!



I know making friends is hard for some people but its something you really need to do in order to have fun and make the best of your high school years. If you have a class where you know absolutely no one, just ask someone for help on something you're working on or ask directions to your next class. Its quite easy to talk to people if you just try. I made two new friends just on my first day! The first one, I saw in multiple of my classes so I sat by her and when the teacher said to pick a partner for an activity, neither of us had partners so we worked together. The second one, she actually came up to me. We were walking to the library to check out textbooks and she decided to walk with me so we got our books together. Its really not hard!!


Now some people may not be able to join a lot of clubs and teams because they may not have a ride, but I was fortunate enough to live across the street from my school so I can walk home whenever I want. We had the club fair during lunch one day and I went around and talked to the club presidents and found out what each of the clubs were about. I didn't worry about what my friends were joining because I knew I'd make new friends in the clubs if I just did what I was interested in instead of following my friends and not doing something because I was afraid to be alone. Most schools have tons of different clubs and there's something for everyone so just try something out!!


If your school has back stairwells as well as main stairways, I suggest taking the back stairs. There's much less people and you can get to your classes faster without having to worry about being stepped on or stepping on someone else. The back stairs at my school are usually hotter though, which is a downside if you're already having to basically run from class to class but I think the positives outweigh the negatives here, don't you?

#4: LUNCH!!!

If you bring your lunch, make sure you get it a period before lunch or you'll have to go back to your locker before lunch and by the time you get there, there will be hardly any seats left. If you are going to get your lunch right before, then make sure you go find a seat first, set your stuff down, make sure the surrounding people know that's your seat, and then get your lunch. Trust me, it sucks not having a seat during lunch.


I know doing homework and classwork, etc really sucks and its boring and all but you really want to keep your gpa up or it will be really hard to get it back up once you realize you've messed up. Especially if you're on a sports team or in a play. They will check your grades and if you're not doing so well, you'll get suspended from the team or maybe kicked off the cast of the play. You do not want to go through all that work to get where you were on the team/play and then get kicked off just like that because you were too lazy to do your work.


I don't know if every one has a study hall period but I know a lot of people at my school do. During study hall you can get work done, go to the library, meet with a teacher, etc. If you're staying in the classroom for study hall, you can listen to music!! You want to have your ear buds with you so you can take that opportunity to jam out and block all the noise and talking around you so that you can focus on your work. Or if you dont have any work, sit back, listen to music, find more music to add to your playlist, read, etc.


This is kinda self explanatory... Don't pick a higher class just to seem smart because you'll start getting behind, your grades will drop, and that'll really suck. Also, if you can do well in higher classes, don't pick low classes so that you won't have to try as hard. Challenging yourself is good but sometimes it can be bad if your challenge is too much. 

#8: BOYS!!!

I know most of you probably want a hot boyfriend to show off and all but trust me, its not worth it to waste your high school experience on a bunch of boys that'll end up breaking your heart. Now I'm not saying you should say no to every guy that tries to date you. If you really like someone and they really like you back, then go for it. But if it's a shallow relationship, I can garuntee you it will end quickly. School is for learning not kissing!!! 

#9: CLOTHES!!!

This is a biggy to me. Listen to me, DRESS COMFORTABLY. Wear something you are comfortable in and that you feel good about. Dress to impress yourself not everyone else. Do not be the girl that walks into school wearing a mini skirt, crop top, and high heels. Pssstt, no one likes that girl. The guys may think she's hot and try to go after her, but like I said, its a shallow relationship that will end in flames. 

#10: HAVE FUN!!!

If you're not having fun in high school, you're doing something wrong. High school can be awesome or it can suck. Its all about your attitude and how you are towards others. Be nice, give out random compliments it'll make someone's day, fake a smile until it becomes real, and do what you want to do, not what your friends are doing.


Alright y'all, that's about it. I hope you enjoyed this and found these tips useful. I thought up all of these and they all help me so I hope they help you!! <3

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