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Letter #1:

So I have best friend (lets sat she's called Mary) who's not really my best friend anymore and I don't even know if she's a friend anymore at really and well, this is how thins went. We were super close for around three year then as we went into year 10 (meaning we just turned 15) we grew apart, mainly because I wanted to study and she wanted to hangout everyday. Then she started having other friend that I was fine with but I didn't really interact with anyone until later on and when I did start getting new friends she started compiling and shouting and me and I was like 'im not replacing you i just have other friend your still my best mate' but she still shouting at me for replacing her and one day I just totally flipped her and told her to stop being so insecure and stop getting jealous all the time (she still hasn't replied to that ranting text message by the way but she showed our other friend (urm... Sandra?) because the other friend told me) and Back before the big argument I felt like hanging out with her felt more like a chore than fun and each time she cancelled I felt relieve and well, I just felt like out friendship was forced but I don't want things to end badly and I don't know what to do??

Advice #1:

I've actually experienced the exact same thing and I know how forced friendships feel.

First, as I've told other people, be honest. But say it nicely. People like that don't respond well to anger and yelling will only make things ten time worse. Just explain to her that you feel like you've been growing apart and that it feels like everything is forced. If she starts getting upset or angry, be optimistic about fixing/breaking off (whichever way the convoy ends) your friendship. If she truly wants to be your friend, she'll understand and help to make things better. If she doesn't, don't be worried. She wasn't worth your time from the beginning.

Letter #2:

(this is the one with the boy, I shall name him Fred for the time being) - okay so me and Fred have never really been super close or anything until like last year or something when he was put into like half of my classes and he is really funny an stuff and I figured I really like this guy but don't know if he likes me back. Were very jok-y together, like jokingly insulting each other and very sarcastic with each other. He calls my name then pretends that didn't and when he catches me staring he does this weird eyebrow wiggle and I can tell he's flirting with me but I don't know to flirt back (even if it is as a joke) it might all sound very cute and all but I can't tell if he's joking or if he's being serious because each time he does something that 'scores him points' his friends all like reward him and laugh and stuff but when were like alone walking to a class we have together he isn't like that at all. Its like each time he does something that makes me think he likes me he's always with his friends and does it in a not sarcastic mean manner but a sarcastic-joking-nice sort of manner (if you understand that?) And Im left very confused. And Im really shy and stuff so I can't just ask him and I can't get my 'best friend' to ask or find out because I don't have one anymore and I'm not very trusting so I don't tell anyone these sort of things. I don't tell anyone about crushes and stuff so nobody knows and I just don't know what to do??

Advice #2:

I've actually been in this situation as well (and still am).

Try playing along with him and joking back. If he winks at you or calls your name, do it back to him. Or think of some cute and quirky you could do next time. If it's continually happening, it most likely means he either 1) has an enormous crush and likes to just be around you and joke around. Or 2) his friends think it's funny to mess with you and he just always goes along. It's probably not the latter. From what you've told me, it sounds like he likes you. Think it over, and if you decide you like him, talk to him. You don't have to fully confess. Just, casually ask what all the teasing is always about. Say it with a smile. If he stammers or hesitates, he probably likes you and is just too shy to say something. If he says his friends are always telling him to do those things, maybe he doesnt. But then again, his friends might know he likes you and tells him to do those things because of the situation. I feel like I'm just rambling now.. Basically, be probably likes you. BUT! You definitely shouldn't get your hopes too high because people do things for different reasons and things could be completely swapped.

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