I decided to start off this Guide Book with easy and fast ways to make money! I hope everyone enjoys.

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There are many ways to make money. The first way I can think of is tutoring. Some schools offer tutoring programs where you can just sign up and when someone needs a tutor they will call you. Most tutors get paid around $15 an hour. Tutoring sessions last about an hour or two. People who tutor in more difficult subjects get paid more and the sessions last longer. So if you get good grades and have extra time on week nights, you could be a tutor.

The second way to make money is to walk dogs or babysit. Some people don't have time to walk their dogs or they have a meeting and can't watch their kids. That's where you come in. Dog walkers get paid from $5-$25 or sometimes even higher depending on how many dogs you walk. Babysitters get around $8-$17 an hour or more depending on how many kids you watch at a time. Both dog walking and babysitting are good ways to make money easily.

A third way to make money is to sign up on swagbucks.com. You just take daily surveys and watch videos. It's super easy and you can choose from many different gift cards or you can just get a prize like magazine subscriptions and sometimes if you get enough points, you could get a Mac Book Pro or Mac Book Air.

Another easy way to make money on the go is the app Appnana. It's very similar to swagbucks. You can take surveys and watch videos. When you build up enough points you can redeem them for gift cards and many other things.

My final tip for making money is YouTube. On YouTube you can sign up with Adsense or another network that will put ads/commercials before your videos. The more views you get, the more money you will earn. This can be very helpful and fun because when making videos you can do them on whatever you want. It really allows you to be creative and do what makes you happy.

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I hope these tips for making money helped everyone! Comment things you want me to do a chapter on.

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