I thought I start something new. If there are any albums you want me to listen to and then do a review on, comment them below and I'll try my best to at least listen to all of them.
First impression:
VERY EXCITED for a new Maroon 5 album. had heard maps and animals and loved both so I knew Id love the rest of the album.

Song ratings (1-10):
Maps - 10 👌 I love that it sounds as if the girl had left him for someone else but if you watch the video you realize she actually died. brings the song to a whole new level when you see the video.

Animals: 10 👌 I love the beat and how it's fast paced. Gets me pumped and in the mood xD

It Was Always You: 10 👌 Love the vibe and the almost retro sound. Love the layers and different parts as well.

Unkiss Me: 8 Not the biggest fan of slow songs but I still love this song. very sweet.

Sugar: 10 👌 Love the 60s good feeling vibe. Very doo-woppy xD overall one of my favorite songs on the album.

Leaving California: 9 👍again, slow but I love the simplicity. simple beats, simple notes, simply beautiful.

In Your Pocket: 8 love the staccato beats in this. Little suspicion going on in this one. you know what I mean if youve heard it. Don't have much else to say xD

New Love: 8 kind of staccato in this one too. Love the high twinges when he says "forgive me". I also like how the beat changes often, it makes it more fun and sorta upbeat.

Coming Back For You: 8 Same as Unkiss Me although I love the beat in the background. almost like a slowish version of a Zedd/David Guetta song.

Feelings: 6 eh don't have much to say about this song. i just didn't feel much with it. nice beat as always but eh idk.

My Heart Is Open: 9 👍 even though it's kind of slow, I really like it. perfect collab with Gwen Stefani. Plus, Adam's voice is amazing in this.

Average rating (totaled from the individual song ratings): 9 👍👍

Other comments: definitely recommend this album. I absolutely love it. <3
Comment albums you want me to listen to and review!

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