Credit to @Madibear_ for this idea! Hope this helps!

. . .

1) DOODLE. Anything and everything. Even if you aren't a good artist, doodle.

2) WRITE. Not only will it look like you're taking notes, but you'll get your Wattpad updates done!

3) MAKE A TO-DO LIST. Maybe there are a million things you need to get done at home but never remember them all when you're actually at home. Make a list! (This'll look like notes as well.)

4) MAKE UP YOUR OWN RECIPE. If you always wanna bake but can never find a good enough recipe, make up your own! If you don't know what wet and dry ingredients are needed for something, look them up then add in your own special touches. (Will probably also look like you're taking notes.)

5) FINISH HOMEWORK FOR OTHER CLASSES. If you have homework, essays, projects, etc for other classes, go ahead and get them done right then so you'll have more time at home.

6) READ A MAGAZINE OR BOOK. Hold your text book up and put your book/magazine behind it so the teacher can't see.

7) DO ORIGAMI. If you don't know how to do origami, look up a tutorial.

8) WRITE DOWN YOUR FAVORITE QUOTES. Pretty self-explanatory.

9) 20 SONGS IN 20 MINUTES. The last several minutes of class are always the worst. In the last 20 minutes, think of a song and play it in your head. After a minute play a different song in your head. You'll be amazed how fast a minute can go.

10) MAKE UP YOUR OWN OTP'S. Think of two people, (YouTubers, people at school, celebs) pair them together, and make up a ship name.

11) MAKE A LIST OF RANDOM WORDS. Time will go by fast while you're thinking of your new words. Later, you can search them on Google and see what comes up.

12) WRITE LYRICS. On a piece of paper or in the back of your notebook, write as many songs lyrics as you know.

. . .

Hopefully this helps you bored students! Some of these I might try myself! XD See ya!

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