This watermelon slushy will be perfect for those hot summer days! it's super easy to make and it's also good for you!

. . .

What you need:

- watermelon

- lime juice

- honey


1) put your sliced watermelon into a blender, DO NOT BLEND YET.

2) slice a lime in half and squeeze the juice out of it into your blender with the watermelon

3) squirt some honey into the blender as well

4) blend!

5) once it is all blended, pour it into a square baking dish

6) put it into the freezer either over night or until it is frozen solid

7) get a large spoon or fork and scrape all of the watermelon ice until it looks like shaved ice

8) scoop some out and put it in a bowl or icecream dish

9) put the rest back into the fridge or leave out for other people to enjoy

10) enjoy your watermelon shaved ice!

. . .

I hope you all enjoyed this yummy summer treat! comment if you tried it.

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