Hey guys! I've got a couple really exiting things to tell you. First, I'm going to bring back Monday Advice! Before, I felt like I wasn't giving thorough or good advice. Also, I didn't have time to answer everyone and I felt like I wasn't helping much. But now I've got someone to help me! My friend Al (@SockMonster_) will be helping me answer all of you guys' questions. So this is how it'll work: you guys send me all of you're questions and I'll send him half of them. He will give me a response to give you. As always, I'll pick two letters a week to publish anonymously.
Secondly, Al is also working on a "A Girls Guide To Everything" website! It will be mainly for promo but we want you guys to help with ideas for the website. So leave your comments below on what we should put on it (ie: fan page, about the author, etc).
I hope you guys are exited for all these exiting things! I sure am! Don't forget to vote and comment on the other chapters! I'll see you guys later <3

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