Sorry I haven't updated in so long :/ I've been so out of ideas.. luckily, Halloween is coming up and im going to start a Halloween collection of updates. The collection will include treats, DIY costumes, etc. If you have any cool Halloween recipes feel free to send them in! Also, if you have a certain costume you want me to do a DIY on, leave me a comment! Let's get right into the DIY!

. . .

What you need:

- white sheet

- gold jewelry

- rope/gold ribbon

- headband

- gold spray paint

- safety pins



- spray your rope and headband with the gold paint (skip if you have gold headband and ribbon)

- set wet items aside to dry

1) wrap the sheet around yourself and pin into place

2) tie rope/ribbon around your waist

3) put on jewelry and headband

. . .

Hope you all enjoyed this super easy, super cute DIY costume! Don't forget to vote, comment, and follow. See you guys! <3

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