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Sometimes when you're bored and there's just nothing to do, you can check out some cool YouTube videos! I've got a whole list of people to check out. I've even categorized them for if you are looking for specific types of videos. Post your requests in the comments!

. . .



• stilababe09

• nikiandgabibeauty

• Michelle Phan

• Arden Rose

• grav3yardgirl

• macbarbie07

• Bubzbeauty

• CutiePieMarzia

• Zoella






• Bethany Mota

• AndreasChoice

• DazzleDIY

• anneorshine


Vlogs/mini shows:






•Vlog Brothers




•Good Mythical Morning




• Cimorelli

• Vevo

•Bart Baker




• Wassabi Productions

• Jenna Marbles

•Connor Franta

•Caspar Lee

•Troye Sivan

•Wade Benton


•Shane Dawson



•Joe Sugg


. . .

I will add to this list of YouTubers as I discover more. I hope this helped any of you bored gals out there!

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