Wow.. I haven't updated in a week. I can't believe myself. I'll be posting Monday Advice later, but for now here's another life hacks chapter. :)

. . .

1) How to remove permanent marker:

Clothes = hand sanitizer

Walls = toothpaste or hairspray

Wood = rubbing alcohol

Carpet = white vinegar

Dry erase board = dry erase marker

Furniture = milk

2) By planting large deciduous trees west and northwest of your house, you can block enough sunlight to save 35% on air conditioning. (Up to $131 a month)

3) Sick of old smelly food containers? Put some crunched up newspaper inside and leave it overnight. The paper will absorb the smell by morning.

4) Clean water stains by rubbing them with a sliced lemon. The citric acid dissolves the stains like magic.

5) Get gum on your shoe? Spray the area with WD-40 and it will come right off.

6) Eating watermelon has been proven to significantly reduce blood pressure.

7) Make ice cubes out of the same drink they will be going into to prevent the drink from getting watered down.

8) Grab a banana for breakfast. They are known as a happy fruit. Eating just one can help relieve irritable emotions, anger, and depression.

9) Out of AA batteries? You can use a AS A battery and fill in the gap on the positive side with tin foil.

10) Eating grapes improves your brains ability to process new information.

. . .

Hope you found some of these interesting. I was thinking about maybe doing a monthly Girls Guide Contest. The contest will be something different every month. Comment/vote if you would be interested in that. c:

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