This will be on how to plan the perfect Halloween party, as the title says. Hopefully it helps you party gals out there!

. . .


- no bake pumpkin cheesecake truffle mummies

- pumpkin spice spiderweb cookie pizza

- spiderweb cupcakes

- Oreo caramel apples


- pizza mummy braid

- graveyard dip

- halloween puppy chow

- deviled green goblin eggs


- pumpkin punch

- pumpkin pie milkshake

- black Halloween punch

- hot spiced sider


- spooky spider wreath

- mason jar jack o' lanterns

- pumpkin cooler

- hanging ghosts

. . .

Comment which item from each category that you would like me to do a separate update on. The most requested thing from each category will be done. :)

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