Are your walls barren? Your desk empty? Corners not cozy? Well then this chapter is for you!! I've got a bunch of DIYs for your plain room :D


DIY #1: mini terrarium

- clear vase/flower pot

- lots of mini plants, cacti, flowers

- dirt, mini rocks, fertilizer

- larger stones for decoration (optional)

Pour your dirt, fertilizer and mini rocks into your bowl.

Plant everything. It's okay if everything is close, you want variety.

This step is optional but if you have little empty spaces here and there you can fill them in with some larger stones.

Set this on your night stand or desk to add some life to your room!

DIY #2: magazine crate

- wooden crate

- paint (spray, acrylic, etc)

Paint your crate and let it dry.

When it's dry, fill it with magazines, books, shoes, or anything you want!

DIY #3: mason jar vase

- mason jar

- paint

- flowers (can be real or fake)

Paint your mason jar and let it dry.

While your jar is drying you can trim the stems of your flowers so that they won't be overly tall for your jar.

When it's dry, add the flowers and place your new mason jar vase somewhere that needs a little color!

DIY #4: no paint color wall

- paint swatches (these are free at true value, Lowe's, home depot, etc)

- sticky putty/double sided tape

You can get as many different color swatches as you want.

Once you get all your swatches, decided on what pattern you want them to be in on your wall.

Once you've decided on that, hang them up!

When your bored or need somewhere to write a note, just write it on one of the swatches. If you mess up or decide you want a different color in that space, just switch it out for another swatch!

DIY #5: charging station

- shoe box

- power strip

- xacto knife/scissors

- paint

Paint your box and let it dry.

Once it is dry, cut a rectangle out on the side of the box and slide your power strip in.

Next, cut little rectangles on the front of the box for your chargers.

Lastly, plug in everything and pull each cord through its out rectangle to keep them all organized!

Inspo #1: nightstand decor

- clear vase with with flowers

- body spray

- a lipstick

Those are just a few things you'll usually see on a tumblr bedroom night stand.

Inspo #2: cozy area

- soft rug

- pillows

- cozy blanket

- a string of white Christmas lights (optional)

Lay everything down in one of the barren corners in your room and maybe hang up some lights above it for an extra cozy reading/chilling spot.

DIY/Inspo: memory jar

- jar

- label

- marker

- slips of paper

- ribbon

Label your jar and tie some ribbon around it.

Put all the strips of paper in a little dish near the jar so that each time you do something new, exiting, or special you can write it down on a little slip and put it in the jar.

At the end of the year you can take out all the slips of paper and reminisce on the awesome year you had.


I hope you guys enjoyed these little DIYs and bit of inspiration for your room! Don't forget to vote and comment on what you want to see an update on! <3

(Credit to MyLifeAsEva for the first three DIYs)

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