Sorry I never posted one of these when I started the advice column back up. I hope everyone has had amazing holidays! Sorry this is a day late!! I had it ready on Sunday but forgot to publish it on Monday *face palm* anyways, love you guys. <3


Letter: So my friend and I have been growing apart, but she doesn't think so. I want to tell her I don't really want to be friends with her, but without hurting her feelings.

Advice: You should find the route cause of why you don't want to be friends anymore. Maybe they have an annoying habit or something that's really messing with you and you don't even realize it. So think about why you don't want to be friends anymore and then be honest with her and if she gets angry, doesn't understand, and isn't willing the change then she doesn't deserve you as a friend to begin with.


Letter: There's this boy in my school, and I like him. I am wayy too shy to talk to him so that will never happen. I think he know's I like him because my friends told him. The problem is, at lunch he stands sorta near me, but far-ish. I catch him looking at me a lot but pretend I don't notice. What does this mean?

Advice: If things are awkward between you guys, the best thing you can do to stop the awkwardness is to just address what's making it like that. Just tell him how you feel so he knows that what they said is true. When a guy thinks a girl likes them, they'll either be disgusted and completely avoid the girl. Or they'll wonder. He wants to know how you really feel. Until then, he's probably going to continue looking at you. By the way you've described his actions I don't think he's completely turned off by the idea of you liking him. Just tell him.


Ill try to start doing these more often. :)

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