OMG OMG OMG OMFG is all I can say right now you guys. You have no clue how exited I am right now! A Girl's Guide To Everything has just reached 10.2k reads and 378 votes. OOOOMMMMMGGGGG!! Like, I can't even believe it! But it wouldn't be possible without you guys! You guys read, voted, and commented and you all kept me updating. I hope everyone had an amazing summer and I'm sorry I 1. didnt do many BTS updates and 2. haven't been posting much lately. If you read my message board or my status, you know I'm trying to take a hiatus right now. BUT IT'S TOO HARD TO STAY AWAY FROM WATTPAD!!!! Also, school just started Wednesday, so I've been super busy with that stuff. Comment below if you're still in summer and want me to continue the BTS series until September. Also comment what things you want me to do a chapter on. I really need suggestions! I'm thinking of doing a list of beauty products to get for a pretty back-to-school/everyday look. Maybe a tutorial on how to use some of those products or something? Idek.. plz help meh. But yeah, I love you guys and I hope to be updating more soon! See you girlies!

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