Here's another album review for y'all!! Comment new albums you want me to review and I'll get on it c:


- Castle: 9/10

Love the beat of this one! 

- Drive: 6/10

Bit slow for my taste but still a decent song.

- Ghost: 10/10

Super catchy, love ittt.

- Haunting: 9/10

Your voice Halsey, just, so heart eye emoji.

- Hurricane: 7/10

Again, kind of slow but I actually like this one better than Drive.

- I Walk the Line: 6/10

Also very slow ://

- Strange Love: 8/10


- Roman Holiday: 6/10

Eh this just sounds like a background kind of song to me, you know what I mean?

- Coming Down: 7/10

This is kinda eh also, her voice still thoo *heart eyes*

- Colors: 8/10

This reminds me of Taylor Swift songs.

- New Americana: 10/10

Another catchy song. This is something I can dance around my room to.

- Young God: 8/10

This needs to be on the soundtrack for Mockingjay Part 2 or something!

- Gasoline: 9/10

Am I the only one that thought of Troye Sivan's TRYXE EP when they heard the title of this song? Lovely song btw.

- Hold Me Down: 10/10

Catchy catchy catchy. Guess that's why it was the first one on the radio.

- Control: 9/10

This has horror film written all over it.

- Colors pt. II: 10/10

Kind of a short remixed addition to Colors. In love with this.

-- Overall: 8/10


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