If the weather has been anything like it has here in Tennessee then you've got plenty of snow to go around. Well I've got an idea for you to make the most of the cold weather!
- snow (as much as you want for each flavor)
- milk
- sugar (optional depending on the flavor you chose)
- food coloring (optional)
- flavored oils, fruit, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, etc

- put snow in a big metal or glass bowl
- add milk
- add flavorings
- mix quickly so the snow doesn't melt
- pack into a container and put in freezer to harden
- enjoy!

- when collecting snow to use for your snow-cream, make sure there isn't any dirt or anything in the snow; don't use snow that has been stepped in
- if you chose to make a flavor such as lemon or orange, add a little bit of sugar to make it not as strong and bitter
- add a generous amount of milk or it won't be nearly as creamy or ice cream like

Flavor Suggestions:
- lemon sorbet - you could grate some lemon rind into the snow or use lemon essential oil like I did, you could add a couple drops of yellow food coloring to give it a lemony color as well, make sure to add sugar
- peppermint chocolate/chocolate chip - add 1-3 drops of peppermint oil & either chocolate syrup or chocolate chips
- French vanilla chocolate - coffee creamer and chocolate syrup, this was a favorite in our house
- we also made grapefruit blueberry snow-cream with grapefruit essential oil and fresh blueberries but you have to add at least 5 drops of the oil to get a good strong flavor, make sure to add sugar to this one too
If you come up with anymore fun flavors, make sure to comment so others can try them out!

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