Jars are easy to customize and decorate specifically for the recipient, so putting mini presents in a jar is the perfect way to show your appreciation. This chapter includes many things you could put in the jar. Enjoy!
1) Brownie Mix in a Jar
Put all the ingredients for some yummy brownies in a cute mason jar and you're done!

2) Caramel Apple in a Jar
Fill the jar with caramels and candies then tie an apple to the top of the jar for an adorable gift they can eat whenever they want.

3) Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar Scrub in a Jar
Mix all your ingredients for a soothing sugar scrub and fill the jar. Simply tie a ribbon around the jar for added cuteness! (you can make any kind of scrub for this. it doesn't have to be a cinnamon vanilla sugar scrub)

4) Cleans Up Well Gift in a Jar
Put all the things a man might need to freshen and clean up well in a tall mason jar and add a cute label.

5) Crafting Kit in a Jar
You can include anything from yarn to beads to clay depending on the age of the recipient and their likes.

6) Cupcake in a Jar
Make a batch of any kind of cupcakes. Slice each one in half from the side and put the bottom half in the bottom of the jar. Add a layer of icing then add the other half of the cupcake. Top it off with another layer of icing and tie a cute wooden spoon to the jar.

7) Dog Bone Biscuits in a Jar
Bake some dog biscuits (or buy some if you can't make them) and fill the jar. To decorate the jar, tie a cute ribbon, add a chalkboard label, tie an adorable gift tag, or simply draw on the jar.

8) Homemade Apple Butter in a Jar
Find your favorite recipe for apple butter or anything other kind of spread/jam/jelly you would like to put in the jar. Fill the jar and decorate with cute labels.

9) Homemade Bath Bombs in a Jar
[Refer to my previous DIY bath bombs chapter for how to make these] Fill the jar and decorate.

10) Loves To Bake in a Jar
Find a tall/wide jar for this one. Fill the jar with baking cups, recipes, cookie cutters, or any other baking tools you would like.

11) Loves To Craft in a Jar
You might need another tall/wide jar for this as well. Fill the jar with washi tapes, glitters, mini sharpies, white-out, yarn, or any other crafting materials you would like.

12) Loves To Draw in a Jar
Find a tall jar. Fill the jar with markers, sharpies, colored pencils, or pens. Instead of putting the inside piece of the lid on, put a circular piece of mesh or fencing, then put the outside ring on to secure it.

13) Just the Marshmallows in a Jar
Fill a jar with marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal. That simple!

14) Manicure in a Jar
Fill a jar with nail clippers, polish, cotton balls, a mini bottle of nail polish remover, a filer, etc so your recipient can creat the perfect mini manicure!

15) Nutter Butter Santas in a Jar
Dip each end of a Nutter Butter cookie in melted white chocolate and put red sprinkles on one side. Also add a white chocolate chip on that side to make it look like a Santa hat. Leave the other side with just the plain chocolate. Put some of the melted chocolate on the back of two milk/dark chocolate chips and put them in the middle of the cookie to look like eyes. Also add a red m&m for a nose. Let dry then fill a jar with your Nutter Butter Santas.

16) Homemade Pancake Mix in a Jar
Mix all the dry ingredients in your recipe and fill the jar. Tie a little tag on the jar with the recipe so they know what wet ingredients to add.

17) Refreshment in a Jar
Fill a jar with face wips, Wisp toothbrushes, mints, a Tide-to-go pen, gum, body mist, etc.

18) Summer in a Jar
Put a tube of sunscreen, citrusy gum, fruity hand sanitizer, and other summer essentials.
Hope you guys got some good ideas from these! Comment any suggestions you have! I'll leave a link in the comments to the website with these ideas.

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