Chapter 30 (Last Part)

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It's been a week that horrible incident happened to Sanyukta. She was still not back to herself..she was unusually quite, Randhir would always around her like her other half..he started working from home..he was too scared to leave Sanyukta for a moment and always accompany her to doctor and counsellor. Sanyukta didn't talked about that incident and Randhir too didn't ask her, he waited for her to open up to him. He knew she was scared..vulnerable and somewhere broken.

It was another morning when Randhir opened his eyes n found Sanyukta clutching to him n murmuring something in sleep.. "Please don't touch me..please." Randhir wrapped his arms around her frame and brought her closer.. He kissed on top of her head..

" are safe..please sleep." He said
Sanyukta opened her eyes and hugged Randhir tight..

"Randhir..I wanna go back to India..mujhe nhi rehna yahan..please hum India chale jate hai.hum wahan settle ho jayenge please." Sanyukta pleaded.

"Baby what happened..hum aise kaise jayenge..kya hua batao." He soothed her.

"He knew that I was stripper..he knew me.." She murmured.

"He told you that?"

"Yup..he said bad things to me..n touched me here." Sanyukta said pointing at her arm. Randhir caressed the place and pressed his lips on her skin.

"It's okay baby..he is gone now, that bastard will get punishment for his deed."

"But Randhir my past will always haunt me..kavi na kavi koi na koi fir se aa jayega aise..mujhe India jana hai..I don't want Pari to be suffered for my past..please think about it." Sanyukta said and kissed his chest.

"Hmm..I will think about it..but now you sleep."

"Please Pari ko la do na..I wanna sleep with her for a while.."

"Okay you wish.." Randhir said getting up.. But sanyukta held his hand n and looked back at her...

"Randhir...give me a baby..I missed the felling of it being on my womb..I want a baby." Sanyukta said.

"Are you sure?" Randhir asked sitting down beside her.

" I know that I want to give my all time to Pari n you and I feel I can manage another baby too." Sanyukta said

Randhir smiled at her n kissed her lips lightly n said.. "M bringing our big baby to you now and we will make another baby later."


Sanyukta moaned in pleasure as Randhir sucked the skin of her back and squeezed her waist as they reached their high. Randhir brought her frame beneath his body n wiped away her tiny beads of sweat and pushed her locks behind her ear.

"I love you so much beautiful." He said catching up his breathe.

"I love you more handsome." Sanyukta replied licking her dry lips and Randhir pecked her rosy lips yet again. It's been 3 months to that horrible incident and slowly everything was back to normal except Sanyukta's demand of leaving NY.

"Baby..we are leaving in next week na." Sanyukta asked.

"Yup..I have arranged everything..we will have a branch office here but main office will be shifted to Mumbai.. The house is already ready and now it's ready to welcome the queen." Randhir said caressing her skin.

"You did all this only for me na..I know you love this place so much." Sanyukta said.

"Nope..I love the place where you are with me smiling." He cut of her middle.

"You are the best husband in the world." Sanyukta came over his body n placed her head over his chest.

"Everything I do, it's just for your happiness..coz you are my life Mrs. Sanyukta Shekhawat." Randhir murmured and there they start round 2 of their passionate love making..

"Baby..don't touch that phone..Randhir kitni baar bolna padta hai tumhe, don't give your phone..she have already broked 3 phones." Sanyukta roared as she snatch away Randhir's phone from Pari n kept it on side table.

"Aree phone hi to toda hai..tum kyu itna chidti please knot my tie we need to leave for hospital..Parth said in anytime Vidushi might deliver the baby." Randhir Said.

"Haan..idhar aao." She said standing in front of him and started knotting the tie.

"Mmmmmaama." Pari said suddenly and Sanyukta's hands froze on the place n Randhir n she looked at Pari at the same time.

They immediately sat on the bed beside Pari n said, "Say that again."

"Paa." Pari said playing with her doll.

"You hear that Sanyu?" Randhir asked.

"Yup..she talked..oh my god..Pari baby say mamma again." Sanyukta said wiping her tears.

"Mamma." Pari said smiling and Randhir took his angel in his arms n hugged her.

"Thanks a lot baby..thank for coming to my life." Randhir said.

"This is perfect life is perfect." Sanyukta said smiling.

"It's priceless Sanyu..this happiness is Priceless." Randhir replied..

                                ~ THE  END ~


A/N: This journey for me was Priceless..the readers I had is Priceless..this Sandhir n Pari is Priceless..n right now the feeling m having is Priceless.

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