Chapter 13

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Randhir woke up this morning n his lips curved into a smile seeing a msg from Sanyukta. She asked him to meet her to discuss about some prominent land which can be good fror his resort. Her msg was so professional that he couldn't help but chuckle. Randhir got up fast n dressed in a faded jeans n t-shirt n put on a leather jacket. He was looking too boyish n not at all professional..he knew Sanyukta gonna glared at him for sure.

"Look Mr Shekhawat..if you want us to work together then we need to be professional." Sanyukta repeated her speech in her mind again n again.

She knew Randhir was coming to her cabin n all she wanted to say him the words she had been practicing. N there he formality..he barged into her cabin as if he own it n what the hell he is wearing.. Sanyukta thought. Who wore such "m-ready-to-take-you-on-a-date" type cloths to an official meeting. She glared at him n before she could react Randhir locked the door n walked towards her..

"Close your mouth gorgeous..I know m too hot." He said pulling her to him.

"Shut up..m not drooling." She protested.

"When I said you were were gawking at me..well you look good too..just don't were this coat when m look sexier without it." He said opening the button that was literally holding the coat.

Sanyukta pushed him away n straighten her dress, "M not here to please you Mr Shekhawat.. you might have forgot but my boss had asked me to help you in business..not to fulfill your fantasies." She said.

"Oh yeah.."

"Yup..n want to set few ground rules between us.." She said.

"Interesting..okay shoot." He said with a smirk.

"Our conversation will be strictly professional..n I want you not to touch me at all..n please don't dress like this." She said glaring at him.. N Randhir brust out in a laugh..

"Why are U laughing?" She asked angrily.

"You should hear yourself Miss rulebook..well I have had enough of your rules n conditions..I know you are having hard time controlling yourself from touching me..m way too irresistible." He said flashing his dimpled smile.

"I don't itch to touch you..huh..u have no affect on me." She shouted.

"Really..if it's so..then follow your rule n I will follow mine.." He said.

"Means?" She asked.

" don't have to touch me..while m touching you..just like this." He said as pushed Sanyukta on the wall n pinned her hands together above her head with his one hand n smashed his lips on her..he kissed her taking both of her lips on his n didn't let her kissing him back. After a while he left her lips n hands and took her arms behind her back making her arch her body.

"I followed your all rules..but you left me without any explanation..this time all rules are mine." He murmured in her ear n left her.

Sanyukta could see the hurt in his eyes as he reached the door knob Randhir heard, "M sorry for everything Randhir."

He looked back n saw Sanyukta in tears..he felt miserable. He was supposed to make her happy but he made her cry..he went to her n hugged her tight.

"Please don't cry..m sorry." He said.

"Randhir..I had my reasons." She said against his chest.

"I know baby..I know everything." He said caressing her hair.

Sanyukta pulled herself from the hug n look at him with shock, "You know what?" She asked.

"I know a lots of things..n moreover I met your mother too." He said wiping her tears.

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