Chapter 4

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Sanyukta hated him...she hated how he used to touch her without any hesitation. Only she knew how disgusting it feels when he kiss her, she never kissed anyone in her life yet here this Shekhawat was treating her like entertainment tool. She cried n closed her eyes standing in the shower. She couldn't share her pain with anyone..she couldn't explain how she was scared of any male touch. She couldn't help but remember her horrible past whenever Randhir come closer to her. She slept with empty stomach clutching a pillow like a child.

Here Randhir couldn't sleep, there was an invitation card was lying on his bedside table. He knew his past will not stop haunting him, he knew Vidushi will be there in the party too with her husband. How he will face he will face that betrayer. She will laugh at him if she get to know he was still single..she might think he still living in his past. N he can't let her laugh over him at any cost.

In the morning she woke up n get ready for her college..she came down n saw randhir having his breakfast.

"Good morning miss where are going?" He
asked her.

"College Mr Shekhawat."

"Come here n have breakfast."

"No m getting late."

"Miss learn to follow orders plz..m not very patient all the time." He said gritting his teeth.

She walked to that table n sit far from him. He signalled one of his worker to bring breakfast for her n she ate in silence. Looking at him in this morning she had already lost all appetite. Randhir looked at her from his corner of his eyes. He knew she hated him but to get her in his trap he needed to work hard.

"You can speak Hindi right." He asked suddenly.

"Yes...why did U ask?"

"No I want us to talk in Hindi." He said, he wanted to make her home as first step.

"Okay..mujhe koi problem nhi." She said.

After a long time he was hearing that language..after leaving India he never contacted his any friend..any relatives..India was a place he never wanted to go back..he had already forgotten that life of humiliation n pain. He looked how she ate her breakfast if she didn't had dinner. When she finished she wiped her mouth with napkin n stood up to leave.

"Goodbye Mr Shekhawat.." She said n turn to leave.

"Wait." He ordered.

He came towards her n stood in front of her. He was standing so close that there was only a few centimetres gape between them. He brought her hands towards her face n his thumb wiped her lip colour from corner of her lips. His eyes darkened in desire to feel her lips n he bend down a lil n took her lower lip on his n sucked hard..he didn't care that she was not responding. He sucked till he felt it swelling n left her.

"Remember 2 things from now, 1st call me Randhir...n 2nd don't apply any chemical on lips..coz u look beautiful without it." N saying that he was gone out leaving her dumbstruck.


Sanyukta opened the huge gate of his mansion n saw Randhir's car on parking. He was still in the house, she crossed the security check n walked inside the house. Sanyukta always wondered why he keep so much security around him..she knew he was a filthy rich man but sometimes she feel suffocating seeing his living style. As she walked in Grace, a worker smiled at her and ask if she need anything. She shake her head in no and reached her room. She threw her bag n pulled out her sweaty t-shirt n walked to her cupboard to take out fresh one but someone pushed her door and walked in. Randhir stood there n checked her out shamelessly. She was looking extremely seductive on her black lacy bra n jeans.

"What the hell..don't U have any manner Mr. Shekhawat?" She asked furiously.

"I don't think I need any mannerism to roam around my own house." He said smirking.

"But it's my room now." She said in equal tone.

"Oh dear..I have already seen this much..don't be a drama now.." He said walking closer to her.

"If U think like that then let me go..n work me on the club again..I don't want to be your toy for god shake." She said grazing her eyes on him.

He love how she never ever get intimidated by his power or his aura. But he loved more how she was helpless in front of him.

"No..I told you..I don't want ppl to ogle over you.." He said coming more closer n put his hands on her bare waist.

"Don't you have any respect for women?" She asked..without looking down..

"No..I don't..coz no woman have given me any reason yet." He said n hide his face on her crook of neck..

"M not freshen up yet Mr. Shekhawat." She said..trying to get a way to escape.

"I love dirty..n call me Randhir." He said n sucked her skin.

She hissed in pain n he soothed the place by licking..he poured kissed on her neck but didn't touch her anywhere else..n at last he gazed his teeth on her neck n then he heard the sexiest moan in his life, "Randhirrrr". He left her immediately as if her voice plead him..

He walked to back to go then paused n look at her n said, "Don't wait for me tonight..I will be late." N then he was gone leaving her shocked..confused..

Randhir wore his three piece Armani suit with matching tie n shiny shoes. He gelled his hair and he knew he was looking deviliously sexy. He walked out of his room n saw the lights were on in sanyukta's room. He knew she must be studying or cursing on him. But he didn't care...but what's he was afraid was her effect on him. He hate the feeling when he lose control in front of her and behave like hormonal teenager. He walked to his car n headed to the party where his past was awaiting him.

As Randhir walked into the party every girl's breathed heavily..he was damn hot..any girl would love to get a guy like him. Randhir was all aware of this attention n he knew he might get a girl for the night in the party, but he was not interested in all these. He just wanted to made his appearance just for the sake of the organizers.

"Hello Randhir Singh shekhawat." He heard a voice behind him n there was none other than Mrs. Vidushi Kashyap with her flirtious smile n a drink on her hand.


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