Chapter 16

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Sanyukta felt feather like touches over her skin n she smiled in her sleep. As she stirred around she meet a strong naked male chest. She slowly opened her eyes n looked up. Randhir was looking down at her flashed face n her body wrapping on a white sheet. She was looking more beautiful then ever.

"Good morning beautiful." Randhir said, when there eyes meet.

"Morning Randhir." Sanyukta chipped happily.

"How are you feeling now?" Randhir asked with concern, Randhir didn't know what to ask a girl after spending night coz earlier whenever he had physical encounters with any girl..he wouldn't let any of them to sleep beside him.

"M totally fine...just a little sore." Sanyukta replied with a blush.

Randhir kept looking at her beautiful face n remembered how she said she loved him. It was just not mere words for was everything randhir ever wanted.

"Miss you really meant what you said last night?" Randhir asked hesitantly.

Sanyukta felt confused for a moment but she realised it was the Randhir who had lost reason to respect a woman...who find hard to believe a woman coz of his heartbreak.

"Mr Shekhawat...I wouldn't have let make love with you if I were not in love with you..." Sanyukta said keeping her head in his chest n listen to his rhythmic heart beats.

Randhir smiled in satisfaction n bend down to kiss his girl but he saw monitor alarm ringing. Which meant Pari was awake n crying.. Randhir immediately flipped to the other side n wore his t-shirt over his shorts.

"Get dressed fast Aggarwal..I don't want Pari to see like this." Randhir said seriously..n Sanyukta looked at him in shock.

"What?" Randhir ask.

"You are so funny...Pari is just 1 n half month old Randhir..she don't know anything." Sanyukta said.

"Yes she is very small that is why m going to keep her away from all this from stop arguing n get dressed." Randhir said n left n Sanyukta brust out in a laugh. Randhir pick Pari from the cradle n took her out of the room..

"Good morning baby." Randhir said kissing Pari's chubby cheeks.

Randhir saw Sanyukta coming out of his bedroom n she directly went to kitchen. Sanyukta knew it's Pari's ritual to drink her milk once she got up. She took Pari from Randhir n make her drink her milk. Randhir smiled at his girls, he just want his life like this.. He couldn't have ask god for more happiness..he was complete.

Once Pari was done Sanyukta put her back on Randhir's hand went to make breakfast. Randhir took the laptop n called Parth for a video chat.

"My god are you and..who is she?" Parth exclaimed seeing Pari.

"My daughter." Randhir replied.

"What?? Don't joke around Shekhawat." Parth glared.

"Yeah she is my daughter, actually m going to adopt her." Randhir explained.

"Oh wao Randhir..she is so cute..btw where is Sanyukta n when are you coming back?" Parth asked.

"Sanyukta is in kitchen..n about going back..m waiting for a right time Parth..I need to settle some things before taking Sanyukta there." Randhir said.

"You are sounding like a family guy Randhir..n very happy for you. And yeah..m sure watever you will do will be best for you n Sanyukta." Parth said, n then he heard a female voice behind Randhir.

"Randhir breakfast is ready."

"Aggarwal come need to meet someone." Randhir called her n Parth saw Sanyukta coming.

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