Chapter 6

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Randhir tucked his white shirt n put on his coat. He gelled his hair n sprayed the expensive musky perfume on himself. He was looking enough sexy to make girls swoon over him. He wore his fav watch n came out of his room. He sat down on his couch n waited for her to come down. He looked up from the magazine he was reading when he heard soft footstep of her. Randhir couldn't take his eyes from the beauty that was coming towards him. A black sleeveless evening gown, an pair of simple earring n her glorious open hairs..that's it..n she was looking dangerously seductive yet innocent.

Randhir didn't know what he likes more about her, her full lenth hairs or her beautiful face but for a moment he too forgot the fact that his game was still on. Randhir stood up n went closer to her.

He ran her knuckles on her jaw n said, "You are looking gorgeous miss."

She blushed n replied, "You too look presentable Randhir."

Randhir smirked at her words, "I so want to kiss you right now girl but I don't want to spoil your make lets skip it for now." He said sliding his hand on her waist n guided her to his car.

He sat beside her n try to examine her face to know if she was nervous. But no...her face was straight as ever. It was him who was anxious about Vidushi n her encounter only. They reached Kashyap's house after a while. Randhir gave his hands to Sanyukta when they came out of car. Parth welcomed both of them with a warm smile when Vidushi's eyes were piercing Sanyukta.

Parth shook hands with Sanyukta n greeted, "Welcome dear..I must say Randhir have awsome choice." He smiled genuinely n Vidushi glared at him.

Randhir wrapped his arm possessively on her waist when they walked in the house. Four of them sat on the couch comfortably.

"So what's your name." Vidushi asked, her tone fairly rude.

"Sam." Randhir said.

"Oh Sam!! But you look Indian." Vidushi said.

"Actually my name is Samira Shah..only Randhir call me Sam." Sanyukta lied.. Randhir looked at her while she smiled sweetly at him. Randhir knew she faked her name again.

"Randhir said you are in college..what do U study?" Parth asked.

"M doing masters in business administration Mr. Kashyap." Sanyukta replied.

"Impressive.." Parth said n both of them talked over that topic for few moment. Parth was totally awed by Sanyukta's personality.

"Randhir, your girl is very intelligent.." Parth complimented n Randhir possessively kissed Sanyukta's hands.

"I know Sam is beauty with brain. In the first meet itself..she blown me away." Randhir said supporting Parth's word. Vidushi was fuming over her husband who was more interested in this petty girl.

"Darling U need to call Mehta once..don't forget that." Vidushi faked a smile at Parth. Parth said sorry to his guest n went to make a call.

"So Miss Shah, did Randhir told you who am I?" Vidushi asked flashing her fake smile.

"Yes Mrs. were one of his girlfriend." Sanyukta replied with a confident voice.

"What do u mean by one of?"

"Randhir told me about his every fling..every crush..n I don't think you are any special from them." Sanyukta replied leaving Randhir shocked n Vidushi embarrassed.

Parth was back n asked Vidushi to arrange the dinner. When Vidushi walked out Randhir couldn't stop his smile.

"Why are you smiling Randhir?" Parth asked.

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