Chapter 15

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Randhir went back to Sahil n Arpita's house to take Pari from Rosa. Randhir took Pari on his arm n gave Rosa the new address too. Pari was happy to be on his arm as she stopped crying once she found herself in Randhir's arm.

"Missed me?" Randhir asked looking down at his living doll..Pari tried to hold his goggle that he kept in his chest pocket.

Sanyukta was almost done with placing necessary things in room, bedrooms, kitchen n Pari's room were finally arranged n she let her body fell in the couch in the hall. She heard door bell rang n when she opened her all tiredness went away. She took Pari from Randhir n randhir went to his room to get freshen up.

At night Randhir ordered food from outside n Sanyukta fed Pari her milk n make her sleep. Sanyukta put her in cradle n placed a kiss on her forehead. When she turn she saw Randhir standing at the threshold n looking at them lovingly. Sanyukta smiled as Randhir bend down n kissed on Pari's hand n switch on the baby monitor. Sanyukta was totally in awe with Randhir's this parental side. He was so natural with Pari, like he was ever ready to welcome a child in his life. She couldn't help but think if Randhir love Pari so much then how would he feel for his own child. Even that thought made Sanyukta touch her flat stomach n she flashed in the imaginary feel of carrying Randhir's baby in her womb.

"What happen? Why are U blushing?" Randhir asked her n she shook her head in no. Both eat dinner in silence n Randhir went to his room to attend an online meeting with his officials.

Sanyukta tossed n turned in her huge bed. She couldn't sleep like this when she know Randhir was there on the other side of wall. She was confused as she wanted Randhir with her yet was the one who always run away from him.

Randhir was going through some details on his laptop when he heard the door opened. His lips formed a smile when he saw Sanyukta coming towards him with water bottle.

"I forgot to keep water so came." She said hesitately.. Randhir didn't replied but looked at her with a teasing smile..Sanyukta mumbled "good night" n turn to leave when Randhir hold her wrist n pull her to his lap.

"Chhodo mujhe Randhir." She struggled on his lap when Randhir shut his lappy n kept it aside.

"It's new place na..u must be feeling scared..u can sleep here Miss Aggarwal.." Randhir said, making Sanyukta fall in bed.

"Don't worry..I won't do anything." Randhir said pushing her locks behind n kissed her cheek. He switch off the lights n fell on the other side of the bed. After few moments Randhir felt a cold hand over his chest..he immediately pull it closer wrapped Sanyukta's body in his arms.

"Why do you trust me so much?" Randhir heard Sanyukta's voice. It came like a distant voice through dark at that time.

"Why are U asking?" He questioned back.

"Bolo na..why do U trust me so much?" She nuzzeled.

"Hmm..coz you bewitched me Miss made me realise who I was..n what I made me a better person..I trust you because you are priceless, I couldn't have had you with all my fortune.. but U changed tell me how m not supposed to trust U." Randhir said..

Sanyukta felt her tears forming in eyes..Randhir's words were more precious than any love confession..she closed her eyes n kissed his hands which was touching her face.

"Randhir..I need to tell U something." She mumbled against his chest.

"To bolo."

"Randhir..the charges against me are all TRUE..I ran away from Sameer's home with taking some money." Sanyukta said hesitately..n wait for Randhir to push her n shout at her. But nothing happened..

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