Chapter 5

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Randhir turn around n saw her flashing her smile.. "Mrs. Vidushi Parth are U ?? N where is your useless husband?" Randhir asked.

"Oh Randhir...get a grip man..stop being jealous of Parth.."

"Jealous? Why would I be jealous..?? Seriously Vidushi I pity on him that he wake up every morning looking at your pathetic face." He said n smirk.

"Aw aw you are the one who used to find me beautiful than anyone..n m sure you still feel the same." She said keeping her hand on his chest.

Randhir pushed away her hands immediately, "You are delusional Vidushi, your beauty faded away long back..look at look disgusting."

"Then why are you still single..spending days thinking about me?" She asked n Randhir brust out laughing.

"Thinking about you..?? I have better works to do Vidushi n who told you m single?" He replied.

"Stop kidding Randhir, I know everything about you..I know how many times you pinned down any random girl in know what no girls will agree to be your girlfriend coz you can't love anyone else but me." Vidushi said slowly coming closer to him..n again Randhir pushed her away.

"Stay in your limit Mrs. might not have any shame but I do...n speaking about my love life...m not interested in sharing that with you." He concluded n turn to go but Parth came at the same time n greeted him.

" how are you??" Parth asked shaking his hand with Randhir, Vidushi went to her husband n Parth slide his hand on her waist.

" know Randhir was saying about his girfriend." Vidushi said looking at her husband n then smirking at Randhir.

"Oh wao..Randhir..congratulations..who is the lucky girl? N why didn't she came?" Parth asked genuinely.

"Thanks Parth..she was busy in her study so she couldn't come." Randhir said but he kicked himself in mind for dragging a lie.

"Study..OMG..Randhir I hope you are not dating a underage girl." Vidushi mocked.

"Mrs. Kashyap, not every girl have only dream to get married with a rich girl is different..she have her own dreams." He said proudly.

"That's awsome Randhir, then let's meet up for a friendly dinner..I really want to see YOUR girl." Vidushi said.

"Yes Randhir, we will be very please to meet her..let's go for a dinner day after tomorrow." Parth insist. Randhir was trapped, he knew it but he couldn't bend down in front of any cost.

"Okay..sure.." Randhir said n walked away leaving a shocked Vidushi behind.

Sanyukta was tired..she needed to complete one more assignment n it was already 2 am. She needed to get fresh to keep her awake rest of the night. She decided to check on Randhir once before she could go to kitchen. She came out of her room n saw Randhir was sitting on drawing room with a drink on his hand. He was looking lost n tired. His eyes were closed n Sanyukta can't help but admire the fact that he was looking damn adorable. Randhir opened his eyes n saw Sanyukta standing upstairs n looking at him. He signalled her to come down.

"Are you fine Mr. Shekhawat...I meant Randhir." Sanyukta asked hesitately.

"Yes miss m all fine.. Please sit." He asked. She sat beside him..

"Nehi puchogi kaha tha main?" He asked.

"Why would I?? M not your girlfriend or wife.." She replied, she sensed he was getting drunk.

"You know miss watever I met my ex today..she told me no girl can love me." He fumbled between his words.

Sanyukta sensed that he was drunk totally n she didn't want him to say anything that could make him regret other day..she always respected ppl privacy coz she was one who knew the value of it.

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