Chapter 10

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After hours of flight, and then bus journey Sanyukta reached her destination. Goa..her dream place. She used to visit Goa durning her graduation days with her friends, she knew the place very well and this was the reason she choosed it. The other reason of her choosing Goa was the fact that she can't go to her home, to her they have already disowned her. She was an alone soul struggling to survive through all hurt n heat. In the bus stop there was Sahil waiting for her. She dropped her luggage n Sahil came forward n hugged her tight.

"Finally you are here Sanyu..I was so worried about you.." He said.

"M fine Sahil.." She said.

"Let's go home..Arpita is waiting for you." He said picking her luggage.

Both best friend discussed their whereabouts..n after few minutes they reached a small beautiful house. Arpita ran to her best fried who was more like a sister to her..she cried hugging her close.

"Sanyu hame maaf kar de..we couldn't help you in your worst time." Arpita said.

"Aree drama queen..stop it..m totally fine..rona bandh kar." Sanyukta said.

Sanyukta might be very unfortunate regarding her family but she had gem of friend, Sahil n Arpita her best friends cum real family who were married to each other. Sanyukta knew Sahil n Arpita is her family from now n she sighed as she remember Randhir, his home where she lost her heart.

It was already 2 days that she left.. Vidushi didn't showed up to him so he called Parth twice n urgently asked him to come.. Randhir called off all his meetings n sent all his maids on leave, he wanted to be alone..he wanted things to be exactly same as Sanyukta left. N then they walked in to hamper his loneliness.

"Randhir are you fine?? Why did you call us so urgently?" Parth asked walking in to the hall.

"Oho..Parth I told you na..his perfect girlfriend must have cheated him, that's why he called us to join his mourn." Vidushi said smirking.

"Can you just shut up Vidushi?" Parth said angrily.

"Shut up both of you..Vidushi just tell me whom you appointed to find her information?" Randhir stood up n said walking to them.

"Does it matter Randhir?? Important thing is that she was a thief..even her name was fake..she cheated n robbed her ex bf n came here to destroy you." Vidushi said in her breath.

"Vidushi..just answer my question..I don't need your useless input in my matter." Randhir said. Vidushi opened her purse n took out a card n give it to Randhir..

"Here U go Shekhawat..btw what did she stole from you?" Vidushi asked.

Randhir wanted to was his life..his sanity.. his heart she took away with her but he replied, "Nothing except photo of mine."

"Weird..m sure she must be planning something right now..I so hated her from the first sight and m never wrong." Vidushi said proudly.

"Parth apni biwi ko sambhal..n use mere aur mere matters se durr rakh..Sanyukta is my matter..I don't want anyone to poke their nose here." Randhir clarified. Vidushi turn around furiously n left the room stomping her foot.

"Randhir.. M sorry from Vidushi's side..but honestly saying Sanyukta never seemed a threat to me, she was should find out the truth." Parth said. Randhir nodded n wondered how Parth was unlucky to have a bitchy wife like Vidushi..

"Thanks man..I will not let this matter to go easily." Randhir said shaking hand with Parth n bid bye to him.

Randhir dialled the number on the card n ordered the receiver to present in front of him within an hour.

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