Chapter 11

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It took 1 week to settle down his prior commitments regarding business.. Randhir handed over power of attorney to board of directors, he didn't want his business n employees to get affected because of his personal problems. Parth has been a huge support to him all this while and Vidushi keep chanting her own point of view which were royally ignored by the men. Parth went along with Randhir to the airport. Randhir's security wanted to accompany him but Randhir refused.

"Randhir..I truely believe you will find her." Parth said when Randhir was about to leave.

"Parth..I have to find are good man Parth...m glad you are here." Randhir said giving a warm hug to Parth n walked towards the checking.

Sanyukta was in mess..whole house was unorganized, she couldn't go out anywhere n above all she was unable to join her new job too. She didn't know how to take care of a newborn..the baby was too small that Sanyukta was afraid to keep her in a place alone. Sanyukta asked Khuswant, the manager of Sahil to arrange a domestic help who have experience of raising child. In night Sanyukta would read books on baby to get idea of do n do nots. But even after all the mess Sanyukta was relieved that she had someone with her..she loved the sight when she saw the baby sleeping peacefully. Sanyukta kept the baby on the cradle n switch on the baby monitor. She was hell tired but even after so many things on her mind she couldn't help but wonder if Randhir misses her or not. He only lusted on you Sanyu..he might be sleeping with someone else n forgot about your existence, her mind said. But her heart didn't want to accept it, the care in his eyes, the desire in his touches n his warm embraces.. those were much more than only lust.

Randhir landed on Delhi airport and headed to Shimla without wasting moment. The anticipation of meeting her..seeing her again was making him restless. His body was tired but his heart was enthusiast enough to keep him going.

Sanyukta walked to the door when she heard door bell rang for a long time. She was holding the baby on her hands, when she opened her door she found Khuswant n a middle aged woman with him.

"Sanyukta Rosa hai, aapne kaha tha na aapko help k liye ek lady inhe main le aya."

"Oh..awsome..please come in." Rosa came in n Sanyukta asked her about her details. Sanyukta too told her n babies relationship with each other n Rosa was totally amazed by it.

"You need to stay with me aunty coz I don't know anything about baby." Sanyukta said.

"Madam it won't be possible, I have children too..but don't worry my home is I can stay late. N I have lots of experience with baby I won't give you any chance of complaint." Rosa informed.

"Don't call me name is Sanyukta." She said n handed the baby to Rosa.

Randhir reached Shimla after hours of journey n he headed towards the circuit house to get fresh up. After few hours of rest Randhir decide to find out Sanyukta's home. He listed down school n college names of Shimla n asked a butler to hire few mens to search if there was any Sanyukta Aggarwal read in any college or school few years back. He himself too went out and visited the police station if they can help him in this.

After two days...Randhir got an information that there was a college where a student named Sanyukta studied 3 years ago. Randhir drove to the college instantly...n yes it was the same college where Sanyukta studied with Arpita n Sahil. Randhir note down her address from old records n decided to visit her home.

Sanyukta joined her new job n she was happy to see baby's equation with Rosa..she was growing.. Sanyu could see her eyes were exactly like Arpita. It was Sanyukta's ritual to make her sleep in her arms every night. She would look at her innocent face for hours n forget all the tension.

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