Chapter 18

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Sanyukta couldn't understand what was going on..her husband was eyeing at her as if he was seeing her for the first time in his life and doctors were busy doing some test with him. When doctors were done with their tests they asked Parth to accompany leaving Sanyukta and Pari in the cabin.

"How are you feeling now?" Sanyukta asked sitting in a tool beside his bed.

"M good.." He replied straight. There was an uncomfortable silence between them, Sanyukta didn't know what to ask him..Randhir didn't know how to ask her the million questions he was having.

Randhir observed her beautiful face..there was still traces of her tears on cheeks. She was wearing a dark blue top with jeans..n he can see a black thread around her neck, announcing her married. But how can it possible..he would never ever married to anyone so fast.. He is not capable of love anyone after Vidushi's betrayal..then how come this girl came to his life n made him marry her.

"What's your name?" Randhir asked.


"For how long we are together?"

"Almost a year..but we got married few weeks ago." Sanyukta said hopefully looking at his eyes.

"Did we get married because you were pregnant?" Randhir asked again.

"Nope..we got married coz we were in love." Sanyukta said calming was so awkward to talk with her own husband like a stranger.

"Are U saying this child is not mine." Randhir asked widening his eyes.

"Yup..she is not our biological child...we adopted her." Sanyukta said tried to solve his web of confusion.

" want me to believe that you are my wife and we loved each other..n above all this child is our adopted daughter.." Randhir laughed...N Sanyukta looked at him in shock.

"Look beautiful..I may have lost memory but not my sanity okay...everyone knows Randhir Shekhawat is not capable of love..n I will never believe in any of your word." Randhir said.

" were like this same when we met for the first time but you changed..for loved me so much." Sanyukta said wiping her tears..

"I don't trust you..m sure you must be playing around..I know myself better..I won't ever fall for any please stop won't work on me". Randhir said harshly.

Randhir didn't know what it was..but seeing tears in her eyes made his heart ache. He always ignored n disgusted when any girl start wiping..but looking at her who claimed to be his wife in tears, made him feel unreasonably sad. But before he could say anything Parth came in, Randhir was also wondering how come Parth became so caring about him. He dont remember being friend with Parth.

"Hey are U feeling? " Parth asked.

"M good..but what are U still doing here?" Randhir asked.

"I have no option got no family member except me n Sanyukta here." Parth said.. He lightly caressed Sanyukta's hair who was looking down at the floor.

Parth gaze shifted to her..n he said, "Sanyukta you need to go home..Pari needs rest..n you too..don't worry, will be here." Parth said with a concern.

Randhir didn't know why but he felt a pinch in his heart seeing Parth's proximity with his so-called-wife. Why Parth was taking so much interest about her n the child. But he had no reason to felt so..he didn't even know her, He thought.

Sanyukta stood up n touch Randhir's hand..n he felt an electricity ran in his vein, he immediately pulled his hand back, he couldn't figure out what was in her touch.

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