Chapter 19

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Randhir couldn't breath...she crushed into his chest and her scent filled his nerves. He wanted to push her away, his mind was not allowing him to accept this unwanted feeling..but his heart won over his mind n he too wrap his hands around her n closed his eyes. Randhir felt like it was not the first time she was in his embrace...his heart was saying she belong there but his mind which have lost memories of her was not ready to accept it. Randhir opened his eyes and pulled out himself from the hug.

Sanyukta looked disappointed for a moment but she composed herself and muttered "Sorry."

"It's okay.." Randhir said..

"Please sit.." Sanyukta said breaking the uncomfortable silence between them.

"Thanks...I need to talk with you." Randhir said.

"Okay..sure..but lemme get coffee for you." Sanyukta said n walked to the kitchen to fetch two cups of coffee.

After few minutes Sanyukta came back n offered him his cup..Randhir took a sip and said, "How to do you know that I love black coffee?"

"I lived with you for 1 year..I know your all taste n habit." She replied biting her lips.

Randhir sighed..she knew about him everything yet he doesn't even remember her, he felt a pain seeing Sanyukta's pale face n noticed dark circles around her eyes. His heart had realised that she is very important person in his life but his mind wouldn't let him to remember how much she matters to him.

"Where we met first?" He asked her.

"In a stripping came to meet me in greenroom n offered me money to sleep with you..n I slapped you." Sanyukta said looking in his eyes.

"What?? You were a stripper..m married to a stripper..that's not possible." He exclaimed.

Randhir couldn't believe what she was on earth he..Randhir Singh Shekhawat can marry a stripper..but yes he was capable of asking any girl to sleep with him, it was natural to him.

"Yup..I needed money n a place to hide so I choosed that profession..but you took me to your home n appointed as your employee.." Sanyukta said blocking her tears.

"Why would I do that?" Randhir asked.

"I still don't know..may be because you wanted me..may be because you really wanted to help never said anything about that." Sanyukta said trying to ease his confusion.

Sanyukta told Randhir about Sameer..n how she left him one day n went to India...Sanyukta told Randhir how he searched her n one day they again met in Goa..n then everything sorted out.

"You told me that you had some urgent work here n I needed to take care our resort in Goa..that's why you came alone to NY." Sanyukta finished..n Randhir let out a deep breath.

"I don't know what should I believe...I just know I can't stop thinking about you..I don't remember anything about you..yet your voice..your scent..your touch seems so familiar..whenever I try to remember you, I found nothing yet when you are around I feel like you were there all my life..I just don't know what to do..I just want to remember you..this feeling of hollowness is killing me." Randhir said in frustration. Sanyukta stood up from her sit and immediately sat beside Randhir. She kept her hand over him..n suddenly Randhir pulled her to his arm.

"Everything will be fine Randhir..don't be harsh on yourself..take your time..m here with you forever." She said against his chest n Randhir pressed his lips on her hairs out of his habit.

"You know Pari tried to crawl last were so excited for her 1st crawl..for her first walk.." Sanyukta couldn't complete her sentence...

"Is she sleeping?" Randhir asked.

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