Chapter 2

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Randhir was busy in a meeting when received mark's sms. He smirked while reading it n cancelled all the meetings lined up.

Randhir loosen his tie n throw the jacket on the couch of the cosy room. As he took the first sip of his drink..she walked in.

Black long skirt n red siffon top. Her hairs were long n beautifully curled. She had her loud make up on her face..

"hello miss" randhir welcomed her with his signature smirk.

"tell me what U want me to do..n remember m not prostitute or a call girl who will have sex with U, m an entertainer n I know my limit" she said keeping her head high.

This is the attitude randhir wanted to tore..this is what was making him mad. N he knew he will tore her apart one day for sure..that too soon.

"come here..n sit" randhir asked her.

She was surprised as she was expecting him to ask her to get naked. She sat on the far corner of the couch n he offered her a drink.

"I don't drink" she said.

"surprising" he said widening his eyes.

"so tell me about you" randhir asked.

"what??? You paid 500 dollar to ask me personal questions?" she asked.

"no..i paid that to help U out n get some alone time with U." he replied.

"how generous of U." she mocked, n he laughed.

"okay..just answer 2 question." he again started.

"okay..only 2"

"Why u need this money so urgently?" he asked again.

"I needed to pay my fees" she replied honestly.

"what fees?" he asked.

"college fees" she replied.

"where do u study?" he asked in shock.

"you said you will ask only 2 question..n i answered them." she conclude.

No matter how much randhir hated her guts n attitude, he admired her smartness, boldness n obviously her beauty. Both were silenced.. Randhir was busy checking her out n she was feeling uncomfortable under his gaze. 5mins more...n it will end..she thought counting time.

"come here" randhir asked her suddenly.

She walked closer to him n he asked her to sit on the coffee table in front of him.

"open ur top" he said...

His voice was so husky that she felt her pulse running frantically. She peeled off her top without any hesitation. Randhir had been close to too many girls in his life, even he had seen her like this so many times but looking at her half naked body from this close made him sweating. N there he noticed her mole..that very thing which was making his nights sleepless from a while.

"can i touch it" randhir asked.

"what?" she asked in shaking voice, expecting something inappropriate.

"that mole" he replied.

She looked down where his gaze was fixed. She never ever expected any guy to notice it or ask something like this. She bend down a little towards him n lowered her bra cup slightly giving him a perfect view of the mole. His hand was shaking..n he had no idea why he was so nervous around her. He calmed himself down n caressed her mole with his thumb. He removed his hand from her skin n asked her to wear her cloths.

As he walked to the exit he turned back to look at her and said, "anytime u want to give private performance inform me, i don't want any other man to look at you from this close." n he left...leaving her shocked n confused.


Sanyukta sat on the middle of the road feeling completely helpless. She couldn't believe her all dreams n hopes were robbed with her money. She felt like killing herself yet she knew she was not enough brave to do that. Now what she will do to pay her fees. She slowly stand up n walked through a narrow ally to her small one bedroom apartment. N fell down on her bed without changing or feeding herself. Her all dreams were shattering in front of her eyes. Her pain came out as tears n wet her pillow.

On the other end of the city..randhir smirked as his ph beeped n he call back the number.

"sir..your job is done" the voice from other side said.

"good...your fees will reach U in an hour" n randhir cut the call.

He took a deep breathe, finally his hired man confirmed about the robbery. He drunk the full glass of wine n let out his evil laugh. He knew that his prey was trapped.

"I will teach U miss that there is nothing that Randhir singh shekhawat can't buy" he sweared in his breathe.

She had no other option..she couldn't give up on her study or go back to India without anything on her hand..hell she had no money to fly back. Her eyes fell on the card named Randhir Singh Shekhawat.

She remembered her last weird encounter with that person..she knew she cant get any money from her part time jobs n club too. She didn't want to bend down in front of that arrogant man but she didn't think much n dialled his number.


"may I talk to Mr. Shekhawat?"

"yes..m randhir speaking"

"hello Mr Shekhawat..m sam..we met in strip club.." she mumbled..

Randhir smirked as he already recognised her number n purpose.

"oh yeah..the girl with the mole..tell me how can I help U?"

"I needed some money.." she said hesitately.

"oh..look miss I don't discuss business over phone call..i will text U my me at sharp 6" N he cut the call.

Sanyukta knew randhir will surely make some big deal with her as long as a Businessman won't do any business where he loss. But she was determined to not give him what he want at any cost..coz her dignity was not something anyone can buy.


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