Chapter 20

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Randhir opened his eyes on the first ring of his alarm n his eyes fell on the most beautiful sight of his existence. Sanyukta was sleeping warapping herself around him as if he would vanish if she loosen the hold. Randhir placed a kiss on her hair make her sleep properly on the pillow. Randhir bend down n stare at her face trying to remember if he could gain the memories of her..their lovestory but no it was totally clean..he couldn't remember anything but he knew one thing for sure that even now when he doesn't remember her he still wants her to with him forever. He pushed her stray locks n touch her soft cheek with back of his hand n suddenly he heard a cry coming from the room nearby. He immediately got off and reached Pari's side..n seeing him Pari cried louder. Randhir hesitantly pick her up n patted her back n surprisingly Pari stopped crying. Randhir took her out of the room n walk around the hall carrying her. It felt so natural to felt like he had done it many times before n looking at Pari's ease with himself, Randhir knew even pari does remember him.

"Hey remember me?" Randhir asked looking at Pari's big eyes N Pari touched his stubbly cheek with her soft hands. Randhir hold her hands n kissed it...n murmured, "I may not remember how we met before..but I love you." N Pari smiled at her father.

"N she loves you too." Sanyukta said from behind..n Randhir turn to look at her. Seeing Sanyukta with messy hair N disoriented cloths Randhir felt a tug of desire within him.

"I need to leave for office soon today..have rounds of meeting lined up for the day.." Randhir said.

"Okay..I will make your breakfast then..till then you get ready...maid will look after her." Sanyukta said with a smile and left.

After randhir left for office Sanyukta dialled Parth's number, who had been out of the town for 2 days..n supposed to return the day.

"Hey are U doing?" Sanyukta asked.

"M good...I will be in NY in few are you n Randhir?" Parth asked.

"M good..Randhir is improving, he wont snap or being rude..he is accepting the fact that m his wide..n seriously m very relieved." She answered.

"That's a good sign..n how's Pari? M so missing her." Parth said fondly.

"She is in full on crawling mood." Sanyukta said laughing.

"It's good to hear your laugh Sanyukta." Parth said.

"Thanks Parth..I wish I could say the same to you.." Sanyukta said.

"Sanyukta I don't wanna discuss about Vidushi now..I will come to meet you as soon as I reach okay." Parth said n hanged up. Sanyukta sighed n wished she could help parth too..

Sanyukta came out of her shower..n dressed up. She came down looking for Pari but she couldn't find her. She walked out to the lawn but no..Pari was nowhere. Even the maid who was looking after Pari was missing too. Sanyukta felt a huge weight within her anticipating the worst that could happen to her little angel.

Randhir picked up his intercom which was interrupting his meeting, he picked it up n his secretary's said, "Sir..your wife is here..n she want to meet you now."

"Nina..tell her to wait for a while..m busy in meeting." Randhir said n cut the call. He looked at his ph which showed 35 missed call from her..He felt tensed.

It was exactly 5 mins after the call when Sanyukta barged into Randhir's board room meeting and everyone looked at her with a numb expression.

"Gentlemen please excuse us for 1 minute." Sanyukta said n everyone left them alone.

"What's wrong Sanyukta?" Randhir asked horrifyingly.

"Randhir I couldn't find Pari anywhere..she is missing." N Sanyukta said n broke into his arm.

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